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There are frequently asked questions about adventures, trips, water sports, cultural tours and activities you can do with your children in Antalya and neighboring cities. Being curious, learning in advance what can be done and how it can be done, under what conditions, and having knowledge will make you feel like you have come before when you participate in the activity and you will have experience among other participants who do not know anything. If you are knowledgeable and prepared in advance, you won't encounter any big surprises when you join the activity. Maybe the activity you want to take part in may contain a program that you don't want to do or like, or it may be an activity that you cannot take part in due to a minor health problem that you know about but we don't. Before participating in an activity or activity, it is important to plan ahead to satisfy your curiosity by answering the questions in the frequently asked questions section we have prepared for you. It will be more difficult to make plans without information: For example, you want to participate in a rafting tour but you do not know the conditions for participating, the age limit, what is required and what is not, about transportation to Antalya or your location, the duration of the tour, what equipment is included or not included in the tour. Our page contains the frequently asked questions that our participants mostly ask about the activities we offer. You can find out the prices for the tours you want to take part in, as well as additional discounts offered for children. As a Tour & Trips family, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions as much as possible. If you have other questions that you cannot find on our page, you can get an online and quick response by calling our CONTACT lines or reaching any of our WhatsApp lines. We hope you will have a wonderful day by participating in Antalya's most fun and adventurous activities and meeting our experienced team members. Choose the activity that suits you and we will answer your questions quickly.

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