Antalya Rafting Season

Antalya rafting sezon

When Is Rafting Done?

Rafting is the act of going against or sliding in flowing waters with inflatable boats and the paddles given to you. It is important to know when or in which season to do rafting. Many amateur rafters do not prefer rafting in rainy times because they are afraid of flooding or increased water flow. However, rafting should be evaluated according to the region or track difficulties. Rafting tours in Antalya Koprulu Canyon is an activity that is done in almost every season. The reason is the degree of difficulty 2-3-4. And it appeals to almost every age group. The most intense months of rafting tours in Koprulu Canyon region are May, June, July, August and September. The hot weather is the best way to escape from the humidity of Antalya, where people find themselves in cool waters. However, most rafting lovers save this activity for the spring and autumn months. It is thought that there is a different excitement because the water flow is more intense and the current is faster than in the summer months. If you ask if it is dangerous to join a rafting tour, be sure that it is much less dangerous than travelling in traffic by bus or being in traffic with your private car. The important thing is to have a guide who knows the river well and to have the necessary equipment for your life safety. To do Rafting in Koprulu Canyon, you need to make a reservation in advance and participate at more affordable prices. You can contact us from the CONTACT section to experience an unforgettable day full of adventure with Antalya Rafting Tour & Trips.

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