Antalya Rafting Privileges

What are your Rafting Tour Privileges with us?

You are choosing a company that has been dealingRafting Tour with sports activities in Antalya since 1995, leading the region with its service quality, and constantly renewing itself in line with the wishes and demands of its guests with years of experience.

Why Antalya Tour & Trips Adventures?

  • Antalya Adventure constantly renews its equipment and puts safety measures first for your safety on the tours you choose and ensure that you have a fun day.
  • You can join our tour at prices that suit your budget, by booking directly without an intermediary company. We serve you by standing behind the services we promise, not by deceptive policies like other companies do. When you come to the area, you will not be faced with prices different from the price we said on the phone.
  • By providing special group discounts to students and public institutions, we will introduce rafting, trekking, zipline and canyoning tours to our guests who have never participated in nature sports. Our guests will have a different experience by getting away from the noisy stress of the city.
  • We prioritize your safety by creating different track routes for our primary and high school students by separating them into their age groups. You and your family will have a pleasant day accompanied by our special guides.
  • If you have valuables with you, you can hand them over to the authorities with peace of mind before the tour. Your belongings will be kept in our special storage boxes.
  • Thanks to our professional guides who can speak to you in all languages, you can communicate without difficulty in understanding.
  • While our guests can participate in daily tours, they can also have the opportunity to stay in our camping areas by bringing their own tents or renting our tents. We also have bungalow-style rooms, and accommodation is available with advance reservation.
  • We can customize your meal preferences according to your wishes, and we also offer open buffet meals for your standard package tour preferences.
  • You immortalize the activities during the tour and leave with memories that you can keep for the rest of your life, thanks to our most beautiful pictures and digital video recordings.
  • We provide equipment suitable for weather conditions (neoplem, raincoat, etc.) free of charge, and you will not encounter the situation where most so-called companies give low prices on the internet or on the phone and charge extra prices when you come to the area.
  • We make your transportation comfortable with our latest model transfer vehicles and ensure that you reach the same point safely at the end of the tour by being picked up from a predetermined point.
  • At the end of the tour, we value your opinions and suggestions and ask the participants to fill out the survey form. Our guests can easily access the request and complaints form on our website. We care about all your requests.
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