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The question of where and which company does rafting in Antalya is one of the most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, the reason for this common problem is that companies offering cheap prices on the internet are demanding extra fees when you come to the region and join the rafting tour and afterwards. We recommend you pay attention to those who offer the 2024 price of Rafting+ Insurance+ Food+ Guidance service as 300 TL and those who claim to offer all these services for the price of the wrap you eat at the buffet. No local expert and competent company offers services at these prices. When you think about it, you will guess that you cannot get a professional service at these prices.If you are thinking of participating in a nice and trouble-free rafting activity, Antalya Rafting Advanture offers legal and safe service, considering your safety first, with the Tursab 14082 certificate approved by the Ministry of Tourism. Due to the nature of rafting activities, it has always contained risks within its own structure and we recommend that you choose a known company considering your loved ones and family and do good research before making a decision. Rafting in Antalya is carried out under the guarantee of Antalya Adventures.

We invite you to the safest adventure tours of Antalya. You will have a safe and fun day every day of the week with our professional team and quality equipment that meets international standards. Moreover, roundtrip transportation from many districts of Antalya and lunch are included at the most affordable prices.

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