Who Can & Can't Do Rafting?

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Who Can Do Rafting?

There is an age limit for children depending on the season in Antalya Koprucay river. For example, since the water flow rate is high in the winter months of October, November, December, January, February and March the age limit for rafting is suitable for those who do not have health problems and are 15+ and over. However, when the summer months come and the rain ends, the water flow decreases. If there is no health problem and natural conditions are suitable, all young participants +7 and above can safely participate in the rafting tour with their families, accompanied by a guide, on courses suitable for their age group, with appropriate rafting clothes and equipment. Again, be sure to ask about the water flow rate and tell your child's age at least one day before joining the rafting tour. Operators will tell you whether it is suitable or not. People under the age of 18 cannot participate in rafting activities alone.

Who Cannot Do Rafting?

  • People with health problems
  • Pregnant women
  • Children (at inappropriate water flow rates)
  • Alcoholics
  • People who disobey the group leader

Brief information about who can and cannot raft is given above. This information is valid for those who want to take part in the activity on Antalya Koprucay River. You can get more information by calling our contact lines for any questions you may have or would like to ask. Koprulu canyon rafting tours, organized every day of the week, are carried out by professional guides and equipment provided at international standards. If you want to take part in an adventurous rafting tour, join us with the most affordable prices, including round-trip transportation and lunch. There are packages tailored to your budget, such as early booking, child discount and group advantage. You can combine a rafting tour with different activities in the Koprulu canyon region. You can double your adventure excitement by trying our combined packages and different tours.

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