Usage Agreement


Usage Agreement

Included in this User Agreement;


Site: website,

User: The real person who benefits from the services offered by visiting the site and/or becoming a member of Side,

Business partners: Real or legal persons who have made an agreement with TURAXUS TRAVEL and have agreed and committed to offer their products and services to users for a fee, through the Site and under the conditions announced on the Site,


Subject of Contract
The conditions for purchasing and using the services offered through the site are determined by this agreement.

General Conditions
3.1 TURAXUS TRAVEL, through the Site; It offers travel services such as daily tours, international tours, domestic tours, ship tours, Cyprus packages, hotels, visa services and travel insurance. The content of the services offered is entirely at the discretion of TURAXUS TRAVEL.

3.2 Travel services offered may vary over time depending on seasonality and quota.

3.3 Terms of Use are an integral part of the tour programs offered on the Site and the package tour contract to be signed after sales and cannot be considered independently.

3.4 Persons using the site are deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use.

Travel Services
4.1 Travel services offered on the Site can be purchased instantly online with a credit card.

If there are active Gift Points in the account at the time of payment, they may be requested to be deducted from the payment amount.

4.2 A reservation must be made in order to use the purchased travel service.

4.3 The trips offered on the Site are organized with a minimum participation of 40 people. If there is not enough participation for the trip, the last cancellation notification date is 20 days before the trip departure date and cancellation information will be communicated by TURAXUS TRAVEL.

4.4 TURAXUS TRAVEL is an intermediary institution between the airline and the passenger and is subject to the Hague Protocol of 28.09.1955. There may be a risk of delay in scheduled and private flights, or times may change before the current trip and flight. TURAXUS TRAVEL is obliged to notify these changes as soon as possible. The passenger purchased the trip by accepting the risk of time change. Children between the ages of 0-2 do not pay area tax and area services fees.

4.5 Triple rooms are provided according to hotel availability. There is an extra bed in rooms for 3 people, and the 3rd bed is smaller than the standard bed. Child discounts are only valid for children staying with 2 adults. The continental breakfast offered in hotels consists of butter, jam or honey, bread, tea or coffee and fruit juice. Group breakfasts can be served in a separate lounge.

4.6 Panoramic city tours are trips with a maximum duration of 2-3 hours organized for the general introduction of the cities. City tours may be organized on different days, provided that their content does not change, or they may not take place depending on the weather and/or force majeure. Extra excursions specified in the tour program are organized by the local agency from which we receive service, with a minimum participation of 20 people. If a quorum is not reached, excursions cannot be made or extra excursion prices and content may vary depending on the number of participants.

4.7 Guests who do not want to participate in extra tours on the route during the journey are deemed to have agreed to wait at an available rest facility on the route.

Purchasing Services
5.1 The services offered on the Site can be purchased by credit card or EFT/Money Transfer.

5.2 For purchases in installments, interest rates may be applied on the service fee depending on the rates offered by the banks.

5.3 TURAXUS TRAVEL works with various banks and payment system provider Paytr ( to collect the fee for the purchased service from credit cards. Transactions made through Paytr appear as "Paytr Payment Services" on credit card statements.

Gift Points and Gift Point Usage
6.1 For services purchased, a gift point is calculated based on the service fee. After the shopping is completed, the calculated gift points are transferred to the user's account on the Site to be used in the next shopping.

6.2 Users who have active Gift Points in their account at the time of purchase may request that this amount be deducted as a discount from the purchase amount. This is valid if the user makes a purchase by logging into Side.

6.3 Gift Points cannot be transferred to other Users and cannot be claimed in cash.

6.4 Gift Points can only be used as a discount on purchases made on the Site.

6.5 TURAXUS TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel the awarded Gift Points in case of malicious use.

Cancellation and Refund Conditions

For tours and excursions purchased through the site, the package tour contract is shared at the time of booking. Cancellation and refund conditions are regulated according to the relevant articles of the package tour contract. Generally;

7.1 There is absolutely no right to cancel after a reservation is made for promotional or campaign products.

7.2 For international tours, unless otherwise stated, in case of cancellation or cancellation request up to 30 days before the start of the trip, the price paid will be refunded to the consumer in full, without any deduction, excluding the costs arising from compulsory taxes, duties and similar legal obligations. The consumer accepts and undertakes to pay the entire trip fee to TURAXUS TRAVEL as withdrawal compensation in case of cancellation or change requests less than 30 days before the start of the trip.

7.3 Unless otherwise stated in cruise tours, in case of cancellation or cancellation request up to 90 days before the start of the trip, the price paid will be refunded to the consumer with a deduction of 150 euros per person, excluding the costs arising from compulsory taxes, duties and similar legal obligations. The consumer accepts and undertakes to pay the entire trip fee to TURAXUS TRAVEL as withdrawal compensation in case of cancellation or change requests less than 90 days before the start of the trip.

7.4 Name changes can be made from the sale of the tour until 7 days before the departure of the tour, for a service fee of 100 Euros. Name changes requested between 0-7 days are subject to airline approval and penalties in addition to the service fee.

7.5 For international travels and cruises, visa and insurance fees and, if any, domestic connection flight ticket fees offered with the tour are non-refundable.

7.6 Force majeure situations specified in the law for the consumer or his first degree relatives, serious accidents that prevent the consumer from fulfilling any of the provisions of the package tour contract, serious illness requiring treatment, death are considered as force majeure for the CONSUMER. The consumer must prove the existence of force majeure with a valid document obtained from official institutions and state hospitals. In case of a situation that the consumer cannot foresee and prevent despite showing all necessary care, or due to force majeure reasons specified in this article, and gives written notice of termination less than 30 days (60 days for cruise tours) before the start of the package tour, any taxes, duties, etc. that must be paid. The price paid by the consumer is refunded to the consumer within 14 days from the date of termination notification to TURAXUS TRAVE, without any deduction, except for the expenses arising from legal obligations and the non-refundable fees that can be paid and documented to third parties.

7.7 TURAXUS TRAVEL has the right to cancel the tours partially or completely. This situation is notified to the user at least 7 days before the departure of the tour for international tours, and at least 2 days before the departure of the tour for domestic tours.

7.8 For refunds made to a credit card, it may take up to 5 business days for the refund to be reflected on the card, depending on the working conditions of the banks.

Visa and Passport
8.1 There is a visa requirement for Turkish citizens. To apply for a visa, it is necessary to apply with a passport valid for at least 6 months from the end date of travel and the documents specified in the "Required Documents for Visa" list, which can be obtained from TURAXUS TRAVEL. There is no visa requirement for green passport holders, and a passport valid for at least 6 months from the end date of travel is sufficient. Having a visa does not mean that you can enter the country; the passport police have the authority to not let you into the country. TURAXUS TRAVEL is not responsible for this situation, the responsibility belongs to the passenger.

8.2 T.R. For our guests who will travel with a green passport, if their passport is older than 10 years; They need to renew their passports. Otherwise, they may not be accepted to their destination country and/or their flights from Turkey may not be operated by the airline company. In such a case it is the responsibility of the passenger.

8.3 In order to avoid any problems with the customs police at the border gate of the country to be visited due to torn, worn, wet and/or similar damaged passport(s); renewal of the mentioned passports and T.R. If it is a country that requires visas for its citizens, the relevant visa must be in the new passport. Otherwise, the responsibility belongs to the passenger.

8.4 Visa applications can be made 3 months before the tour departure. In order for your visa process to proceed more smoothly and to avoid being affected by periodic busyness and/or application differences that may occur at the consulates, it is recommended that you complete your visa application as soon as possible, starting from 3 months until the tour departure date.

8.5 Since our guests under the age of 18 are traveling alone or with only one of their parents, the police officer on duty at the country entrance and exit may ask for a document showing the joint consent of the parents; We recommend that our guests under the age of 18 and their parents be sensitive about this issue.

8.6 Visa issuance is entirely under the responsibility of the relevant consulates. If TURAXUS TRAVEL requests to receive Visa Service, TURAXUS TRAVEL is obliged to deliver the documents required for the visa to the consulate on time. TURAXUS TRAVEL cannot be held responsible in any way if a visa is not granted by the consulate, and visa and travel insurance fees are not refunded. In this case, the tour fee will be refunded according to the conditions in Article 7.

Force Majeure
Force majeure situations specified in the law, situations that arise due to extraordinary and unpredictable events despite having shown all necessary care and taken precautions and prevent the start, continuation or termination of the package tour, and situations in which TURAXUS TRAVEL has no influence on the event that occurs. It is considered force majeure for TURAXUS TRAVEL. These situations are stated below;

9.1 Natural disasters or epidemics such as, but not limited to, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, floods, storms, hurricanes, fog, avalanches, lightning, nuclear, chemical disasters or fallout, epidemics, and similar situations and events and extraordinary events states.

9.2 In Turkey's border neighbors or in the country/countries to be visited within the scope of the package tour, at the border gates and/or in the country adjacent to the border gate, in cases of emergency that prevent international air, land and sea transportation, states of war or mobilization, public uprisings, attacks or terrorist acts, sabotage, riots, occupation and civil war, revolution, insurrection, forcible seizure, military coup or forcible seizure of government, civil unrest, industrial disputes, government sanctions, embargo, strikes, lockouts, ports being closed or full, and any extraordinary emergency situations or situations that may prevent employees from work.

9.3 In cases where force majeure exists, TURAXUS TRAVEL cannot be held responsible for damages arising from the non-execution or non-fulfillment of the contract.

User Responsibilities
10.1 By visiting or using the Site or becoming a member, the User expressly accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and is bound by these conditions regarding the use of the Site and will comply with both these conditions and all laws, regulations and other legislation in force regarding the Site. has done.

10.2 TURAXUS TRAVEL reserves the right to make changes to these conditions at any time, effective as soon as they are announced on the Site. The User's continued use of the Site after TURAXUS TRAVEL has made changes to these terms will mean that he has accepted the changes in these terms.

10.3 All kinds of written and visual content used on the Site; TURAXUS TRAVEL is protected by the intellectual property rights of its vendors and/or third parties. No element on the site can be copied, reproduced or used in other media under any name without the written permission of TURAXUS TRAVEL.

10.4 The User accepts and undertakes that he/she will not resort to any use, reverse engineering, hacking, robots and spiders, copying of the content of the site, use for illegal purposes, etc., under any name, that will adversely affect the operation of the Site. In case of contrary practices, TURAXUS TRAVEL reserves the right to exercise its legal rights to the fullest extent and to seek recourse against any damages to users who resort to these methods.

10.5 TURAXUS TRAVEL may use the information provided by the User while becoming a member of Side and obtained during the purchases made, in any way it wishes, for statistical evaluations, development of the Site and improvement of user experience. The user consents to the use of this information by TURAXUS TRAVEL for the aforementioned purposes.

10.6 The User accepts that he/she is entirely responsible for the security and storage of Side access tools (username, password, etc.), keeping them away from third party information and unauthorized use. TURAXUS TRAVEL has no direct or indirect liability for any damages that the user and/or third parties may suffer due to the user's negligence and faults in the mentioned matters.

10.7 The User accepts that informative e-mails regarding the services and campaigns offered by TURAXUS TRAVEL will be sent to the e-mail address provided when registering, unless he/she requests otherwise. In order not to receive these e-mails at any time, the user can contact TURAXUS TRAVEL and request to be removed from the information list.

10.8 The Site's Privacy Policy is explained in the privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Users who visit and/or become members of the site are deemed to have read and accepted the Privacy Policy.

10.9 The User accepts that if the User violates the obligations he has accepted and undertaken with this agreement, his membership may be terminated by TURAXUS TRAVEL, his use of the Site may be terminated, the services he has purchased may be canceled and/or legal action or proceedings may be taken against him.

Notifications to TURAXUS TRAVEL or its business partners must be in writing.

Authorized court
Antalya Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes arising from this agreement.

This Agreement has been read, accepted and entered into force by the User.