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Rafting Tour and Koprulu Canyon

What is rafting?

Rafting is done in groups of 8 and 10 people on inflatable boats along the river. Rafting is a sport activity carried out by both amateurs and professionals, taking into account the degree of difficulty on a pre-designated route. We answer the questions you frequently ask about Antalya Rafting Tours and rafting sport. We organize rafting tours every season and every day of the week in Koprulu Canyon, which hosts Turkey's most beautiful rafting routes. On our website, where we provide detailed information about rafting, you can find detailes on what to look for limit for rafting, speed and water temperature and much more. Did you know that while rafting in Antalya, you will paddle in the cleanest and clearest river in Turkey? Rafting in Antalya starts under the stone bridge in BesKonak Koprulu Canyon and the length of this adventure is 14 km. Don't dream of just paddling while rafting! You'll see how quickly a seemingly long course ends with surprise events, games and activities taking place in the cold waters during breaks throughout the tour. Thanks to our experienced guides, rafting becomes a safe and fun outdoor activity that you cannot find on any other river. Rafting in Antalya is a fun journey into the heart of nature in Koprulu Canyon. You will have more fun than ever with the rafting tour in Antalya and struggle with the fast flowing waters of Koprucay. Rafting, carried out in groups on inflatable boats, allows you to make a journey of 14 km in length and approximately 3 hours. Rafting tours in Antalya are only available in the Beskonak Koprulu Canyon area. With package options with or without transportation, it allows you to do safe rafting with your loved ones without straining your budget. With our full equipment and experienced guides, you will overcome your fears and have more fun than ever before. Call us without wasting time to add your name for the daily adventure! Rafting tour activities, which appeal to almost every age group, are a sport that must be visited, seen and done in Antalya.

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