Importance of Rafting Shoes

Importance of Rafting Shoes

Why Rafting Shoes?

Dear rafting enthusiasts, you do not have to buy specially designed rafting shoes to participate in a rafting tour. If you have a shoe that can go into water and is not slippery, you do not need to buy this type of shoe. However, if you do not have a shoe with the features we mentioned, we definitely recommend that you get one for your health. Don't forget, the rafting track in Koprulu Canyon is 14 km long.

Various entertainment and activities can be organized by your guides not only on the boat but also during the breaks during the tour. Unfortunately, visitors who do not have shoes cannot participate in these activities due to the risk of cutting their feet or getting injured. Therefore, rafting shoes are extremely important for a rafter.In order to protect your hygiene and health, our company does not provide shoe rental services. There are brand and model options suitable for every foot size, and rafting shoe prices may vary depending on the model you like. We strongly recommend that you wear shoes for your health.

  • Rafting shoes are important for rafting enthusiasts because they can enter water and are not slippery.
  • On the 14 km rafting course in Koprulu Canyon, participants without shoes cannot participate in the activities due to the risk of injury.
  • There is no shoe rental service in our rafting company, so it is important to bring your own shoes.
  • Our company sells shoes. Rafting shoes, which have different brand and model options, are offered to suit every foot size.
  • It is recommended that you wear appropriate shoes for health and hygiene while rafting.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail to get more information about the Rafting Tour team and equipment. Our experienced guides will give you detailed information about rafting and explain how to use the necessary equipment to ensure your safety throughout the tour. Contact us for an exciting adventure and make your rafting experience unforgettable! Give your friends and loved ones a rafting tour, the most beautiful water sport.

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