How to do safe rafting

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Listen to Your Guide Before Rafting!

The first rule is quite simple. Non-professional participants should definitely listen to what your rafting guide says. Amateur rafting lovers participate in daily rafting activities in Koprulu Canyon. Therefore, you should not speak contrary to what the guide says. Be sure to follow the instructions given by your guide during the rafting tour! Each section of the river has its own characteristics and experienced captains and guides know them all. As mentioned above, you will first receive instructions during rafting, but it is necessary to try to understand them and put them into practice in time. Otherwise, failure to listen to the guide during difficult sections of the course may cause chaos on the boat. It is important to act in a group to overcome every obstacle, enjoy the adrenaline rush and calm the anger of the rivers.

What Happens If the Rafting Boat Turns Upside Down?

When you fall from the boat into the river, your first priority should be not to panic. Although your role in this situation may seem dangerous, it is not. Thanks to your life jacket and your guide, you will be taken to the boat in a short time, sometimes with a rescue rope depending on the situation, and sometimes by standing still on your back in the area where the current calms down. The important thing here is to definitely not try to swim face down. If you try to swim face down, injuries or unwanted fractures may occur on your kneecaps or elbows due to invisible rocks underwater. Throw yourself back into the flow and glide through even the waviest waters.

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