Where to do rafting tours

What season does rafting take place?

When we talk about rafting in Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is Koprulu Canyon in Antalya's Manavgat district. This is the only rafting area where the water temperature does not change in summer and winter. One of the reasons why it is most preferred is its proximity to the city and easy accessibility. So what time of year does rafting take place? The answer to this question is almost all months of the year for the Antalya region. The days that are not suitable for rafting are the times when there is heavy rainfall in the Taurus Mountains and the amount of instantaneous rainfall is high. Due to flood waters, rafting is not recommended for beginners. Although professional rafters say that rafting in these waters is enjoyable and full of adrenaline, family participation is risky and dangerous. So the answer to this question is definitely call at least one day in advance before joining the rafting tour and ask for the water flow rate. There may be no rainfall in Antalya, but due to the high altitude and being a forested area, weather forecasts do not tell you about the flood water in the river. If we come to the question of the best rafting company, we can say that Antalya Adventures Rafting is the best in Antalya and the company that gives the most importance to your safety. It is a local Antalya Rafting company that minimizes risks as a result of 22 years of experience.

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