Rafting Preparation

Rafting Preparation


One of the most frequently asked questions before rafting is what we should wear or what clothes we should choose when going on a rafting tour. Clothing preferences vary depending on the region and season where rafting takes place. Our suggestion to our guests who will be rafting in Antalya Koprulu Canyon is to choose clothes that will make you feel comfortable. Take a small backpack with you and put a towel, sunscreen and spare clothes in it - because you will get wet! Men can choose shorts and t-shirts, women can choose swimsuits or bikinis. Neoprene protective clothing is provided by our company in cold weather. You can wear sunglasses while rafting, but we recommend that you secure them with a glasses rope. Get ready, let the rafting excitement begin!

  • Do not forget to take spare clothes with you before going on a rafting tour.
  • If you are going rafting in Antalya Koprulu Canyon, it is important to choose clothes that make you feel comfortable.
  • Don't forget to take essential items such as towels and sunscreen in your backpack.
  • Considering that you will get wet, choose water-resistant clothes.
  • In cold weather, neoprene protective clothing is provided by our company.
  • You can wear sunglasses while rafting, but it is recommended to secure them with a glasses rope.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure accompanied by professional guides? You can contact us to have an unforgettable experience at the most affordable prices during the rafting season. We provide round-trip transportation as well as equipment and lunch. We are waiting for everyone who wants to have a pleasant time and experience moments full of adrenaline. Contact us now for detailed information and reservation!

Rafting is an exciting and entertaining nature sport that allows you to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. It will be a great experience to move together in the enthusiastic waters of the rivers, discover the beauties of nature and feel the adrenaline during the rafting adventure. By making your reservation, get ready to spend an unforgettable day with your loved ones!

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