Kopru Cay Water Temperature

Antalya river

Kopru Cay

Antalya Kopru Cay is a river in Antalya province. Kopru Cay is located within the borders of Manavgat district of Antalya. This region is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate and is generally characterised by a hot and arid climate. Kopru Cay is a recreation and picnic area preferred by the people and visitors of the region with its natural beauties and cool waters. In addition, the bridges on the banks of the stream attract the attention of visitors as a historical and cultural heritage. Antalya Kopru Cay is an ideal destination for those who want to relax and have a pleasant time in the peaceful atmosphere of nature.

Kopru Cay Water Temperature;

The water temperature of Antalya Kopru Cay is usually determined as 9 degrees in summer and winter as it is home to natural water resources. Although the temperature rises slightly in the hot summer days of Antalya, the coolness of the water is almost as fresh as the water you drink from the refrigerator. Such cool waters offer a rafting experience that is not found in other rivers in our country. The water of Antalya Kopru Cay has a different texture than other rivers. The flow rate of the river usually has high flow rates in places ranging from 1 to 5 metres. These cool waters create habitats for red-spotted trout. You can make a reservation by CALLING us to have a pleasant time in the coolest river of Antalya, in the cold waters.

How to get there?

There are different methods for getting to Kopru Cay River. If you are travelling with your own car, you can reach Antalya city centre by following the D400 highway, which takes about 45 minutes. Alternatively, if you want to travel by public transport, you can reach our transfer vehicles departing daily from Antalya and its districts. Kopru Cay River offers an unforgettable rafting experience to its visitors with its natural beauties and cool waters. It is an ideal destination to spend a beautiful day and enjoy nature.

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