Distance Selling Agreement



On one side, TURİXA TURİZM SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. located at Arapsuyu Mahallesi 607 sok.No:24 /C-1 Konyaaltı Antalya Turkey. (Shortly referred to as TURAXUS TRAVEL / Agency) and the other party making the reservation and whose address is stated above (Shortly referred to as Reservation Owner / Participant / Guest / Customer / Reservation Owner / Passenger); Have reached full agreement as to the following.


This contract includes the services that the customer receives and/or may receive through the Agency, Tour / Hotel Registration Reservation and Discount within the framework of the conditions explained below.


3-1) On domestic/international tours, passengers must have their identity cards/passports with them. During the hotel/tour registration process, all participants must declare their date of birth, TR ID number and contact information accurately and completely. The participant is responsible for all sanctions arising from any incorrectly declared information.

3-2) In transportation by air, the reservation holder accepts that the flight time and aircraft type may change due to reasons arising from the airline company. It is deemed that special warnings and information were given regarding this issue during the contract.

3-3) For tours that include transportation, the meeting time is half an hour before the departure time for bus transportation and two hours before the departure time for airplane transportation. Participants must be present at the boarding/disembarkation points determined by the agency at the specified time and must not request to disembark from different routes at the end of the tour. If the participant cannot participate in the trip due to not being at the departure point on time, he/she does not have the right to request a refund. In this case, the participant can reach the point where the tour is located and join the tour from the point of arrival, provided that he/she has his/her own means and costs.

3-4) Passengers participating in the tour are deemed to have consented to the use of evaluations and comments in the survey forms filled out upon return from the tour. In addition, within the framework of the information provided, you are deemed to have given permission for e-mails and SMS sent by TURAXUS TRAVEL for promotion. The Participant shall be subject to this article for the purpose of obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, rearranging, classifying, and auditing administrative organizations all kinds of data (hereinafter referred to as 'Personal Data') provided and/or transferred to the agency within the scope of the performance of the service subject to the contract. The agency declares, accepts and undertakes that the agency is authorized to carry out all kinds of processing on the data required for the performance of the contractual service, including but not limited to sharing it with the listed and/or similar regulatory bodies, and to transfer it to the persons it will assign exclusively to the performance of the contractual services, and that the participant's consent has been obtained in accordance with the legislation. .

3-5) For tour registrations with accommodation, the 3rd person discounts applied for registration for 3 people are valid provided that they stay in a room for 3 people, and the 3rd person accommodation bed is not guaranteed as a standard bed. The reservation holder is deemed to have accepted that the third bed of the 3-person room can be an additional bed.

3-6) Child age discounts are valid with a minimum of 2 adults. Child discount is not valid when accompanied by 1 adult, it is calculated as 2 adults.

3-7) Depending on the density of the groups, transportation is provided by private VIP vehicles, minibuses or buses for 2- 8 - 16 - 21 - 50 people. The type of vehicle to be used may be changed by the agency depending on the road conditions on the tour route. The seat (aisle - window seat) when getting into the vehicle is not standard and may vary depending on the means of transportation. If the vehicle type changes, the agency has the right to change the seat number.

3-8) The agency has the right to cancel the tour in case the required number for the organization of the tour cannot be reached, force majeure occurs and unforeseen acute reasons that are assumed to negatively affect the flow, content, quality and safety of the tour occur. If the agency cancels the tour for the reasons listed above, it will notify the reservation holder that the tour has been cancelled. In this case, all payments made to the reservation holder will be refunded. Refunds will be made using the payment type received at the time of booking. For cash payments, the refund is made in cash, for payments made by credit card, the refund is made to the credit card, and for payments made by money order, the refund is made to the reservation holder. For credit card refunds, the time it takes for the refund to be reflected on the reservation holder's card depends on the relevant bank's own operations. The agency cannot be held responsible.

3-9) TURAXUS TRAVEL may make changes, if deemed necessary, in the content and date of the tour announced in the program transcripts given to the reservation holder as an annex to the contract, on its website, social media channels and all kinds of written, visual and digital media. Agency; It reserves the right to cancel and make changes regarding hotel changes, tour order, guide, vehicle, restaurant, food menus, route cancellation or route addition, provided that the standard remains the same. The agency can make the relevant changes before the tour or during the tour. Even after the tour has started, the guide has the right to make changes when deemed necessary, provided that the tour is informed and approved by the agency.

3-10) If it is not possible for the Reservation Holder to participate in the tour due to a serious illness that prevents him or his first-degree relatives from participating in the tour (provided that they prove it with the Official Board Report obtained from a full-fledged state hospital) or the death of a first-degree relative, in case of written and documented application, may transfer or cancel the reservation to a third party who has all the necessary conditions for the tour. After confirmation of cancellation, the refund process is carried out in accordance with the refund conditions specified in the contract.

3-11) If the Reservation Owner cancels the contract more than 30 days before the start of the tour without any justifiable reason, the entire contract fee will be refunded to the Reservation Owner, according to the payment method. For cancellations made 15-0 days before the start of the tour, no refund will be made to the reservation holder.

3-12) In order to benefit from the discount announced for domestic cultural tours where early booking discounts are applied, registration can be made by paying at least 40% of the discounted price valid on the date of registration. The discounted price is fixed and the guest is registered. Participants must pay the full remaining balance 40 days before the departure date of the registered tour. Balances not settled 40 days before the tour departure date will be revised based on the current price of the payment date. If there is no discount campaign 40 days before, the agency has the right to cancel the discounted price applied for that registration. Every participant who has paid the balance 40 days before has an unconditional cancellation and refund guarantee up to 30 days before the tour departure date. For cancellations requested 30 days in advance, the entire reservation fee will be refunded in the same way that the guest paid (credit card, money order / EFT or cash).

If the reservation holder has taken out early reservation travel cancellation insurance for domestic hotel reservations to be made during the early reservation period, if the reservation holder cancels the reservation (complete cancellation of the reservation) up to 72 hours before the date of entry to the facility, the reservation holder will be paid, excluding the insurance fee received when signing the contract. , the entire reservation fee is refunded. In case of a date change request, the facility's prices and availability on the request date will be valid. The guest is deemed to have accepted the price difference.

3-13) The Reservation Owner is obliged to follow and control the belongings he has with him, and the agency is not responsible for the lost/stolen/lost items during the journey, except for the gross fault of the agency or its employees. In cases where the goods are stolen or lost due to the gross negligence of the agency or its employees, the agency pays a maximum of 15% of the tour price per person as compensation. The agency cannot be held responsible for items forgotten in the tour vehicle. In cases where it is possible to find the forgotten items and deliver them to the guest, the cargo / vehicle / transportation costs will be borne by the passenger.

3-14) If it is understood that the characteristics (such as age) declared during the reservation of the children who will stay free or at a discount in line with the criteria determined by the facility are not correct, the reservation holder will immediately and fully pay for these children and make all kinds of compensation. The reservation holder and the accompanying participants will stay in the room type they declared at the time of purchase, and they cannot request accommodation in a different room type at the hotel entrance. Bookers who stay in the same room with two or more children are deemed to have accepted the possible congestion that may occur in the room type of the facilities. Benefiting from facility/hotel services is the personal discretion of each participant. It does not bind the content of the tour program. The agency cannot have any sanctions or faults in the fee policy that the facilities/hotels used will demand for extra service.

3-15) Other participants who do not have a signature on the contract, but whose names are mentioned in the contract (on whose behalf a reservation is made) and who participate in the tour, declare that they authorize the reservation holder/consumer who has signed the contract to make a contract on their behalf, upon the signing of this contract by the reservation holder/consumer who signed the contract. They are deemed to have accepted that all terms of the contract will be deemed to have been accepted by them and that they will comply with the terms of the contract exactly.

3-16) The reservation holder will comply with the rules announced by the agency, guide, transportation vehicle and facility officials/officers regarding the purchased tour, will respect the life, property and peace of other consumers and third parties participating in the tour, and will not behave in a manner that will disturb them. He accepts that in this case he will be removed from the tour and therefore he will not be able to make any rights or demands from the agency.

3-17) The agency tour program and brochure, which also includes the tour information he booked, was explained and shown to the reservation holder when the contract was made, and was given in the annex of the contract. Additionally, detailed information about the tour was provided when the contract was made. The reservation holder declares that he has detailed information about the tour he has booked and that the tour program has been provided to him. . The reservation holder is obliged to be informed about the tour program he/she has purchased. It is deemed that you have read and accepted the tour program in written and visual form. During the tour, one cannot request any changes to the tour content or route from the agency officials, the guide or any other officer. He accepts the tour program given to him with the contract and the food and beverage information and menus specified in the program. The reservation holder is obliged to take the necessary precautions regarding existing health problems. It is not the participant's sole authority to request changes to the tour program. It may be possible if all participants agree and get their written consent. The tour guide is the person authorized to decide whether to vote or not. The agency will inform the guide before the tour.

3-18) At the entrance to Georgia, a photo ID card with a Turkish Identity Number (including babies) is required, and it is not possible to pass with different ID cards (driving license, etc.). It is not possible to pass through ID cards that are issued more than 10 years ago (even if they are not worn), are worn out, and whose cold seal cannot be felt. In case of any problems during the transition process, the responsibility belongs to the reservation holder. The agency cannot be held responsible for the crowds and congestion that occur at both border gates and tourist centers during special days, national and religious holidays, and festival periods, and delays that may occur due to these situations.

3-19) Since the room is blocked by the facility, the agency cannot directly intervene. Therefore, the agency cannot be held responsible for the room allocated by the facility.

3-20) For international tours, a valid passport is required, including babies. Visa and passport procedures are entirely the responsibility of the reservation holder. If a visa cannot be obtained, the visa fee paid to the embassy is not the responsibility of the agency. Refund cannot be requested from the agency. Cancellation and refund conditions may vary for international tour sales. Since the agency is the sales representative of different operators in international tour sales, it will accept the contract of the operator it sells to and submit it to the participants for their information and approval. The cancellation/refund conditions announced in the provider operator's contract will apply.

3-21) If the agency cannot fulfill this package tour contract due to its fault or if, after the start of the tour, the tour cannot be completed due to a reason caused by the agency or if the service provided is found to be defective, the Agency will be able to refund and compensate the participant's losses in accordance with the travel insurance provisions.

3-22) If the reservation holder wants to abandon the tour on the grounds that the service he received is defective, he must notify the agency and the facility he is staying in in writing, stating the reasons for abandoning the tour, before leaving the tour. Otherwise, he will not be deemed to have abandoned the tour, but will be deemed to have received and used the service. It is the duty of care of the well-intentioned customer to notify the reservation holder in writing about the issues he/she complains about during the performance of the service. If the customer makes a complaint but uses the service to the fullest extent without notifying the agency officials, it eliminates the rights to compensation such as substitute service and refund regarding the complaint issues. The agency cannot be deprived of the opportunity to resolve the participant's possible problem and / or the right to make the necessary explanation. If the guest has not made a written application to the agency during or after the tour regarding the issue he/she complains about, without allowing the agency to exercise the right to compensate, produce a solution, investigate the issue and respond; in all kinds of digital and printed media, including written and visual media; If the agency makes statements that will damage the company brand and name, cause loss of reputation and financial losses and shares these with the public, the agency reserves the right to respond, object, request a denial publication and demand compensation through legal channels.

3-23) In accordance with Law No. 1618, if a package tour service is purchased, the situations where the package tour is not provided at all or incomplete delivery, including the bankruptcy of the agency, are covered by insurance. Coverage is as much as the package tour price.

3-24) In resolving disputes arising from the contract, the parties may apply to the TURSAB ARBITRATION BOARD or other legal remedies.

3-25) The issued voucher and the attached registration form constitute the contract as a whole, and the Reservation Owner is deemed to have declared that he has read the contract, understood and accepted the terms of the contract when making this reservation.

3-26) Even if the customer cannot sign this reservation contract for any reason by purchasing it by mail order, virtual POS, money order or EFT, he/she has learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, through the catalogue, website or advertisements, and has received the reservation under the written conditions in this contract. They have committed.

3-27) The customer undertakes to read and sign this contract after obtaining all kinds of information about the hotel, tour and program signed with this reservation and mentioned in the contract, both from the agency's web addresses and company sales representatives and after making all the necessary review.

3-28) The agency has announced the information about the qualifications and stars of the accommodation facility that it promises to make a reservation for, as well as the services envisaged in the accommodation facility, based on the accommodation facility's declaration, brochures and information on the official website of the accommodation facility, and the accommodation facility has declared the features in its announcements and declarations. and the agency has no liability for not being present at the star rating standards. The liability is exclusively the responsibility of the accommodation facility. If the accommodation facility does not meet the prescribed standards or is not capable of providing service at this standard on the date the accommodation begins, the agency has the right to accommodate the customer in another facility of the same standard or a higher category.

3-29) If the hotel is not checked in without cancellation, the accommodation fee will not be refunded. In cases such as death, illness or accident, if force majeure is documented, the fees for the periods not stayed will be refunded. In case of late check-in or early check-out for any reason other than these reasons, the remaining time fees will not be refunded.

3-30) If you do not arrive at the tour departure points on time and do not participate in the tour program, without canceling from the agency, the tour fee will not be refunded. Participants are responsible for being present at the time, date and point announced by the agency.

3-31) In cases where a travel ban is imposed by the state administration, a curfew is imposed in the country or a state of emergency is declared, the canceled tour fee is excluding the costs arising from taxes, duties and similar legal obligations that must be paid, and the non-refundable fees that can be paid and documented to third parties. The fee paid by the participant, without any deduction, will be refunded to the participant by the agency within 15 days, starting 2 months after the state of emergency is lifted, the curfew is lifted and the travel ban is lifted.

3-32) Participants must pay at least 35% of the reservation fee at the time of registration, and the remaining balance must be paid no later than 15 days before the start of the service. If the specified payments are not made within the mentioned periods, the reservation will be canceled and 35% of the service fee will be billed to the consumer as cancellation compensation. Even if prepayment is made, it is at the discretion of the agency whether the participants who do not complete the tour fee within the specified periods but want to participate in the tour at the tour departure point can participate in the tour. The agency is not obliged to include the guest on the tour if he has not completed his payment.

3-33) The agency may organize an early booking campaign. It has the right to determine and change the discount rates of these campaigns and the duration of the discount. It may cancel the campaign if deemed necessary. It can organize action / discount campaigns for certain periods of time on the products it will determine during the season. The discount amount made during the early booking period will not be requested from the guest, and the refund of possible price differences arising from possible actions cannot be requested from the agency.

3-34) The scope of coverage for incomplete or defective performance, damage, illness, damage and losses of consumers purchasing travel insurance services is determined by the policy of the insurance company providing this service. The agency does not bear any responsibility for the content, scope or application of these guarantees.

3-35) In airplane transportation, in case of baggage loss or damage, the rules of the relevant airline company applied to the consumer apply and it is clearly accepted by the participant that the Agency is not responsible.

3-36) The customer's early departure request after the start of the accommodation / tour / activity is made in writing, including the reason for the complaint and force majeure, and is evaluated in line with the approval of the tour provider. In case of early departure, since it is at the initiative of the cooperating provider whether a refund will be made or not, an objection cannot be made to the agency with a request on this issue and any penalty to be applied will be billed as the accommodation fee.

3-37) The customer must first notify the hotel/facility of all his dissatisfaction with the hotel and the facilities used during the activity, and then present the hotel/facility as the opposing party in the lawsuits he will file and the complaints he will make. In no way material, moral compensation, etc. cannot make their requests through the agency.

3-38) Compulsory travel insurance applies to tours with domestic accommodation. For daily tours or international tours, the responsibility belongs to the guests. Travel insurance coverage is limited to the tour date. Insurance coverage ends at the end of the tour date. The scope of compulsory travel insurance is determined by the participant.