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Iran Armand River

Rafting in the World | Armand River | Iran Armand Rafting

Armand River Description;

The Armand River in Iran is one of the important rivers of the country and originates from the Zagros Mountains, passes through Khuzestan Province and flows into the Persian Gulf.

Morocco Ahansal River Rafting

Morocco Rafting Tours | Ahansal River | Rafting in the World

Ahansal River Description;

The Ahansal River is an important river located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with a total length of more than 300 kilometers. T

Karamea River

Rafting in the World | Karamea River | Country of New Zealand

Karamea River;

The Karamea River is a rafting destination located on New Zealand's South Island and famous for its natural beauty.

Mugla Dalaman Rafting

Dalaman Rafting River | Mugla Rafting Tours | Dalaman Rafting

Mugla Dalaman River;

Dalaman River, located in the Dalaman district of Mugla, is one of the most important rivers of Mugla. The stream originates from the Taurus Mountains and flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

Alara River

Antalya Alara River Antalya | Alara River Rafting Tours

Alaracayi River Description;

The Alara River of Antalya is an important river originating from the Taurus Mountains. Alara River, which takes its source at the foothills of Akdag and Gulluk Mountain,

Coruh River Rafting

Coruh River Features | Artvin Rafting Tours | Coruh Rafting

Coruh River

The Coruh River is a river in northeastern Turkey, originating in the province of Artvin and flowing into the Black Sea at Batumi, Georgia.

Melen river

Melen River | River Features | Duzce Melen Rafting Tours

Melen River;

Melen River is a river located in northwestern Turkey. Melen River, which starts in the east of Sakarya province, originates from Duzce Mountains.

Fırtına Creek

Fırtına Creek Rafting Course | Rafting Tour Rize Ardesen

Features of Fırtına Creek;

Fırtına Creek is an important stream located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. There are many technical features in the stream flowing into the Black Sea through the Fırtına Valley of Rize province.

Specifications of the Munzur River

Munzur River Water Temperature | Tunceli Munzur River

Munzur River Water Temperature;

Munzur stream located in Tunceli province of Turkey and is located in Munzur district. The water temperature of this river is usually between 18-20 degrees in the summer months.

Rafting in Tunceli Munzur River

Rafting in Tunceli Munzur River | Rafting Class Difficulty Level

Rafting in Tunceli Munzur River

Munzur River in Tunceli is an ideal destination for its natural beauties and river sports. Rafting tours on Munzur River are a great option for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The Highest Waterfall in The World

World's Biggest Falls | World's Highest Waterfall

The World's Largest and Highest Waterfall

The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls, located on the border between Venezuela and Brazil.

Rafting History

Rafting History | By Whom Was Rafting First Done?

Rafting History

Rafting has a very interesting and exciting history. Rafting, which means "raft" in Turkish, emerged as a means of transport used for freight transport in Central America in 1910. Rafting,

Antalya Rafting Tourism

Antalya Rafting Tourism | About Rafting Activities

Rafting Tourism

Antalya is known as one of the most important centres in terms of tourism in Turkey. Antalya's natural beauties, historical and cultural richness are just a few of the elements that attract tourists.

Turkey's Best Canyons

Turkey's Best Canyons | Best Places for Canyoning

Turkey's best canyons and regions;

1. Saklikent Canyon - Mugla: Saklikent Canyon, one of Turkey's most popular canyons, is located near Fethiye.

Antalya Canopy

What is Canopi and How is it Made? Koprulu Canyon Canopy


On multiple Discovery and Multi Activity tours, you can experience the sport of Canopy in the spectacular Koprulu Canyon.

The best Canyons in Turkey

The 6 Most Beautiful Places to Do Canyoning in Turkey

Canyoning in Turkey

There are places with various natural beauties for those who want to go canyoning in Turkey. Here are 6 great places you can choose for canyoning in Turkey:

The 6 Best Places in the World for Canyoning

The 6 Most Beautiful Places in the World for Canyoning

About Canyoning

Canyoning is an exciting activity that captures the hearts of nature lovers. This amazing sport; It includes various actions such as walking, climbing, swimming, jumping, sliding from rocks in canyons.

Top 5 activities to do in Antalya

Top 5 Nature Activities in Antalya

The top 5 activities to do in Antalya;

1. Rafting:

Among the activities that can be done in Antalya, there are rafting tours that stand out and

Antalya Historical Bridges

Oluk Bridge | Eurymedondur Bridge | Beskonak Bridges

Oluk Bridge (Eurymedon)

Oluk Bridge is located in the Koprulu Canyon region of Antalya and is very close to the ancient city of Selge, one of the important centers of Turkey during the Roman Empire.

A paradise in Antalya

Koprulu Canyon, a Natural Paradise in Turkey | Koprulu Canyon

Wonderful Koprulu Canyon;

Turkey is a rich country with dazzling beauties due to its season, natural structure and location. One of the greatest representatives of these beauties is the province of Antalya.

Historical Bridge Bugrum

Bugrum Kopru and Oluk Kopru locations and directions

Bugrum Bridge

Bugrum Bridge, also known as Oluk Bridge, is one of the rare works that have survived from the Roman Empire period.

Antalya Camping Areas

Camping Sites in Antalya | Koprulu Canyon Camping Area

Antalya Camping Areas

Antalya is a city located in the south of Turkey and home to magnificent natural beauties. There are many options for those who want to camp in Antalya.

Best Rafting Areas

Where is Rafting Best in Turkey? | Rafting Routes

The top 5 cities for rafting in Turkey and the characteristics of these cities are as follows:

1. Rize: Fırtına Creek, located in Fırtına Valley,

Rapits, Rapits

Rafting Rapit, What is Rapits? | About Rafting Waterfalls

Rafting and Rafting Barriers: Meaning and Importance.

During rafting, various natural obstacles and difficulties are encountered as you move in the direction of the water flow.

The first rafting company

When was the first rafting company founded? Top 10 Countries

Country Where Rafting Activities Took Part for the First Time & Company Established

The foundation and development of the first rafting company has a very interesting story.

Rafting Score System

International Rafting Competition Score System

Scoring System Used in International Rafting Competitions

In international rafting competitions, the points that athletes receive according to the order in which they complete the race are subject to a certain scoring system.

Kemer Maden Cove

Antalya Bays and Features | Maden (Atbuku) Bay | Belt

Maden (Atbuku) Bay;

Kemer Maden Bay is a coastal town in Kemer district of Antalya. This region attracts its visitors with its natural beauties, historical riches and tourist activities. The history of the sheep dates back to ancient times and

Kas Fırnaz Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Fırnaz Bay | Kas (Kaş) Kalkan

Fırnaz Bay;

Fırnaz Bay, one of the beauties of Kas (Kaş) district, fascinates its visitors with its magnificent natural views and clean sea. This bay, which has been used as a settlement since ancient times, also attracts attention with its historical richness.

Kemer Bostanlık Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Bostanlık Bay | Kemer

Bostanlık Bay;

Kemer Bostanlık Bay is a sea bay located in the Kemer district of Antalya, famous for its natural beauty. The bay is an important destination that attracts its visitors with its historical richness and touristic activities.

Kemer Beycik Buku Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Beycik Buku Bay | Belt

Beycik Buku Bay;

Located among the natural beauties of Kemer district, Beycik Buku Bay is a destination rich in history and tourism. This bay, one of Antalya's natural beauties, offers its visitors the magnificent harmony of green and blue.

Kemer Mehmet Ali Buku Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Mehmet Ali Buku Bay | Kemer

Mehmet Ali Buku Bay;

Mehmet Ali Buku, one of the beauties of Kemer, is an ideal stopping point for visitors who want to discover the natural and historical riches of the city. This magnificent sea bay attracts attention

Kumluca Pirate Karaoz Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Pirate Karaoz Bay | Kumluca

Pirate (Karaoz) Bay;

Kumluca Pirate Bay is a coastal town in the province of Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast. This region, which has a very old history, is also known as Karaöz. This village, located in Kumluca district,

Finike Andrea Doria Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Andrea Doria Bay | Finike

Andrea Doria Bay;

Andrea Doria Sea Bay, located in the Finike district of Antalya province, is a holiday resort that attracts attention with its magnificent natural beauties. The bay takes its name from the famous Genoese sailor Andrea Doria,

Kas Buyuk Cakil Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Buyuk Cakıl Bay | Kas

Buyuk Cakil Bay (beach);

Buyuk Cakil Bay, located in Kaş, is a beach famous for its clear turquoise waters and natural beauty. The bay generally has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, so visitors often choose it to relax and enjoy the sea.

Genoese Cove Kumluca

Antalya Bays and Features | Genoese Bay | Kumluca

Genoese Porto Bay;

Kumluca is a district of Antalya province of Turkey and is located on the Mediterranean coast. The history of Kumluca bears the traces of many civilizations. The region, which has been used as a settlement since ancient times,

Kemer Phaselis Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Phaselis Bay | Kemer

Phaselis bay;

Kemer is a holiday destination located in the east of Antalya and famous for its magnificent views of the Mediterranean. One of the most important historical places of this region is Phaselis Ancient City.

Adrasan Sazak Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Sazak Bay | Adrasan Kumluca

Sazak Bay;

Kumluca district is a beautiful coastal district located in the west of Antalya and is famous for its natural beauty. Sazak Deniz Bay, located in Kumluca, fascinates its visitors with its clear sea and clean beach. and peaceful holiday.

Alanya Kral Deniz Bay

Antalya Bays | Kral Bay (Delik Deniz) | Gazipasa Alanya

Kral Bay (Delik Deniz);

Kral Bay, located in Alanya district, is also known as Delik Deniz among the local people. This natural beauty is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations.

Papaz Deniz Bay

Antalya Bays | Papaz Bay (Papaz Pier) | Kumluca

Papaz Bay (Papaz Pier);

Papaz Bay, located in the Kumluca district of Antalya province, is a holiday resort that attracts attention with its natural beauties and peaceful atmosphere. The bay meets the turquoise waters of the

Kekova Tersane Deniz Bay

Antalya Bays and Features | Tersane Bay- Kekova

Tersane Bay;

Kekova Tersane Deniz Bay is an important tourist destination located in the Kas district of Antalya province on the southern coast of Turkey. This bay fascinates its visitors with its historical ruins, clear sea and natural beauty.

Antalya Sea Bays

Antalya's Most Beautiful Bays and Their Names | Antalya Bays

Antalya Bays;

Antalya region is a destination located on Turkey's Mediterranean coast and famous for its magnificent sea bays. One of the most important sea bays in this region is Kabak Bay.

Trekking Rules

Basic Rules of Trekking | Trekking Hikes

Trekking & Hikes

The most important thing in Trekking tour walking in the beauties offered to us by Mother Nature is to minimize the risks that may occur by ensuring the correct coordination of the team and organization.

Zipline in the World

The 30 Most Beautiful Places to Zipline in the World

What is Zipline in the World?

Ziplining is a fun and exciting activity often found in nature parks or adventure trails. Zipline is a descent method that is connected to a strong cable stretched between two different points

Zipline in Turkey

The 20 Most Beautiful Places to Zipline in Turkey

Zipline in Turkey

Zipline is an adventure sport that has recently become popular in Turkey. Zipline provides an exciting experience by moving quickly on a wire that is usually set up in mountainous or forested areas.

Canyons Turkey

The Most Famous Canyons in Turkey | Canyon Names

What is a Canyon and How Does It Form?

Canyons are deep valleys generally formed by rivers over time. Canyons, which can reach hundreds of meters in height, are mostly formed as a result of the erosion of hard rocks.

River Bugs

What is River Bugs | Where is it used? About River Bugs

What are River Bugs?

River Bugs are small, single person, lightweight inflatable boats used on rivers. These boats are usually made of parachute or similar sturdy materials and are usually designed to carry only one person.

Kopru Cay Rafting Tours

Koprucay & Rafting | Antalya Koprucay Rafting Tours

Antalya Kopru Cay Rafting Tours;

Kopru Cay is a stream that has been flowing non-stop for centuries, giving life to the regions it passes through. The first place where it starts, that is, the first place it comes out, is Isparta's Sutcular district.

History of Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon History | Koprulu Canyon National Park | Selge

History of Koprulu Canyon;

Koprulu Canyon ( Koprucay) is one of the rare tourism regions of our world-famous country. In 1973, it was designated as a national park site. The region,

Oyma Pinar Dam Ancient Etenna

Antalya Oyma Pinar Dam | Ancient Etenna | Serik Oyma Pinar

Oymapinar Dam Location And History

It is located approximately 17 km north of Manavgat district of Antalya. This town, known as Homa in ancient history, is located on the road from the Taurus Mountains to the Dumanlı district,

Rivers in Antalya

The Most Famous Rivers of Antalya | Rivers and Streams | Antalya


Some of the rivers in Antalya flow into inland lakes and some into the Mediterranean. Some of them are small rivers. They dry out in the summer months because they lack nutritious resources. What are the names of the most famous rivers in Antalya?

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The Importance of Participating in Adventure Activities


1. You improve your physical health when you get dirty. Scientists have recently said that our modern obsession with cleanliness can lead to allergies, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. Getting dirty can be the best way to develop a strong immune system. Going on adventures means getting dirty and being healthy.

2. Outdoor activities can prevent or treat a wide range of health problems. Adventure journeys and breathing nature's oxygen are among the prescriptions recommended by doctors across the country for many ailments, from heart diseases to obesity and attention deficit disorder.

3. Adventure has no age. Everyone can turn nature into a playground. Adventure tours journey is just one part of it, it is an activity you can do throughout your life. The important thing is that you can overcome the challenges, big and small that come your way.

4. Go for a walk, get a bigger brain. Research shows that walking or hiking trains the brain. Normally when you reach middle age, your hippocampus shrinks, leading to memory loss. But a group of middle-aged adults who walked 40 minutes at a time, three times a week for a year, found their hippocampus increased by an average of 2 percent; This may increase retention rates in future years. Hiking adventures keep you mentally sharp.

5. Going on an adventure increases tolerance for uncertainty. You can learn to cope with life's uncertainties if you expose yourself to situations that don't always go as planned, such as adventure travel.

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6. Adventure travel allows you to safely try out alternative lives. The best part about starting an adventure is to pretend you're doing everything you want it to be before you take a big, permanent step. You can ask yourself the question, who would you be if you lived there?

7. Going on adventures often improves thinking, which is a mental ability. Adventures give us beautiful memories that bring our minds to the forefront to remember. This means that our journey was simply "marinated"; It's an especially valuable exercise these days, when so much of what we do seems to fly by and go on forever without any real meaning. But reliving our adventures over and over gives us the time and ability to learn from them.

8. Adventure travel nourishes dreams and builds confidence. The editor of National Geographic Traveler Magazine once suggested that the Travel Cycle goes like this: Dream, plan, go, share. However, no matter how many steps are taken there, there is one thing that is certain about going to the magnificent points of nature: it becomes addictive in a short time. One wilderness does not seem to be enough; Your soul quickly craves more. And you will find yourself changing every time you go. Adventures build confidence, and with each successive event you challenge yourself a little more. I will add a fifth step to the Travel Cycle: Dream bigger.

9. Adventure experiences cure social ills. Today, we are faced with a situation that some in Turkey describe as an epidemic. The adventurous childhood has been lost in the new generation. When parents spend too much time with their children and insist on attending their every activity, they kill the child's desire to explore. And unfortunately, they constantly extinguish the spark within them. No matter what, don't kill your child's spirit of adventure for the sake of being a better parent.

10. Adventure explorers may be more important than ever in saving the world; Some scientists say it will become impossible to reverse global warming, which will accelerate climate change. If they are right, only selected groups from the public can become adventure travelers.

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