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Our philosophy is to ensure that each experience has a fun identity and that each event is associated with a benefit related to a social development or environmental project. The aim of the Outdoor Sports event is to leave a lasting impression with the participants, sponsors and the community. We have been working for 30 years to satisfy our participants by organizing different activities in Antalya and introducing the unique untouched nature, history and culture of the region with different tour options that you cannot get enough of altogether. As Tour & Trips family, we aim to improve ourselves day by day, to organize more quality and fun tours by considering every detail that will make our guests enjoyable and happy, and to create beautiful memories with their loved ones. Since our priority is safety, we aim to host happy guests by ensuring that safety rules are followed. For this reason, quality policy is very important to us.

The Importance of Tours and Excursions for Us;

We believe that we contribute to the growth of friendships by organizing adventurous activities and excursions. We ensure that a strong bond is formed with other members of your group in activities that you can do without any experience. We believe that the bonding that occurs after a day or multi-day tour or activity gives a strong sense of new trust based on mutual appreciation. If the participants are your work group, we know that it contributes positively to the development of cooperation and teamwork. It creates a different phenomenon of relaxation and discharge. It inspires an increased awareness of survival. Our group adventure tours are just like the flow of life, a fun and happy day in the flow of water ends quickly and we wish our guests to come back to us for unforgettable moments.

We are working hard with our team to offer you safe and fun tours. Together with our experienced and expert guides and colleagues, we will continue to strive for you to have a wonderful and happy time by constantly updating ourselves. We want to leave a peaceful, greener and ecosystem intact world to our future generations by taking part in various projects with a sense of responsibility towards nature and our history with the experience we have gained over the years.

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