Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu canyon


Historical Koprulu Canyon is located in Beskonak district of Manavgat, within the borders of Antalya province. The bridge that gives its name to the Koprulu Canyon takes its name from the arched historical stone bridge over the river. It is known that in recent history, bridges without railings were built for forest villagers to carry logs with trucks. According to a rumour, it is said that one of the trucks fell down during the carriage. With the arrival of tourism in the region, the bridge was repaired and stone walls were built on the sides close to the original without damaging its historical texture. Today, it has become a bridge where rafting boats pass and thousands of tourists cannot take their eyes off and take photos on it. The bridge is of great importance for Antalya tourism.

The Most Favorite Place for Families Koprulu Canyon

Yes, we can say that it is an ideal outdoor adventure for families. While creating wonderful memories with your family and loved ones on the Koprucay River, you will enjoy the excitement of rafting outdoors with your children, with plenty of natural oxygen. You will start to get to know the wonderful atmosphere of nature and have a lot of fun. In Koprulu Canyon National Park, you will be enchanted by the unique sounds of birds and nature, away from the noise of the city. At Koprulu Canyon, you can participate in various activities organized in our region with your loved ones and have an unforgettable experience. The Koprulu Canyon national park, which is open every day of the week, will create a different bond between you and your loved ones and you will feel like you are breathing more than ever in your life. Don't forget to add the Köprülü Canyon region to your list of places to visit in Antalya! Our Koprulu Canyon rafting guides are enthusiastic, we are happy to invite you to the excitement of rafting to spend time safely with you. We are waiting for you to discover unknown places by rafting in Koprulu Canyon. You can call any of the contact numbers to get more detailed information about the reservation and the region, or if you want to take part in the activities, you can make a reservation by filling out our contact form.

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