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Rafting Nature Activity in Antalya

Did you know that you will row on the cleanest and clearest rivers of Turkey in the Antalya rafting event? Rafting in Antalya starts under the stone bridge in Koprulu Canyon in Beskonak, and this adventure covers a 14-kilometer track. You are not limited to just rowing during a rafting tour! Surprise activities, games and cold water activities at break points throughout the tour make you realize how quickly the course is completed. Rafting, which becomes safe and fun with experienced guides, turns into one of the outdoor activities that are not available on other rivers. Rafting in Antalya is an unforgettable experience that you can do with your loved ones. You can make memories full of rafting adventures in the Koprulu Canyon region, where different campaigns are offered almost every week. Contact us now to enjoy rafting in Antalya and discover the adventure that awaits you!

  • You will discover the magnificent beauties of nature during the rafting activity. The clarity of the stream and the greenery around it will offer you a unique view.
  • The rafting adventure that will start in Koprulu Canyon will allow you to experience adrenaline-filled moments.
  • This exciting activity, accompanied by guides, will take place safely.
  • During the rafting tour, you will have the most fun with surprise activities and games.
  • You will cool off with cold water activities and feel the speed of the track.
  • You will both have fun and experience adrenaline at its peak while rafting.
  • You will have the chance to experience this unforgettable experience at affordable prices thanks to the different campaigns organized in the Koprulu Canyon region.
  • You will create enjoyable and unforgettable memories with your loved ones by rafting in Antalya.

You can choose our number 1 rafting company to experience a magnificent adventure in Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey! You will both enjoy nature and experience exciting moments. You will have a fun and unforgettable experience as you fight against the currents in the river accompanied by professional guides. Leave yourself in the arms of nature and create unforgettable memories! An unforgettable day is waiting for you with our Antalya rafting company.

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