Koprulu Canyon Meals

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Taste Presented in Grape Leaves;

Before reaching the Koprulu Canyon Beskonak region, the roasted trout dish served among stuffed grape leaves will satisfy your taste buds. After the rafting tour or in the evening, you can enjoy the cool waters of the river bank with your loved ones by trying grilled fish, one of the most delicious dishes of the region. Trout served among grape leaves is a delicacy you should definitely try if you haven't tried it before. Trout offers an experience where nature and local flavors integrate with the aroma of grape leaves. By trying this unique flavor, you can experience a unique taste where nature and local cuisine come together.

Our customer service team will be happy to contact you to make a dining reservation. While witnessing the natural beauties of Koprulu Canyon, you can have an unforgettable dining experience with your loved ones in our decent and peaceful environment. There is definitely an option to suit your taste in our menu, which includes various flavors. We are looking forward to taking you on a delicious journey, accompanied by the peaceful sounds of nature. Contact us and reserve your place for an unforgettable dining experience!

Free lunch for those who take a rafting tour;

The sounds of waterfalls echoing in the hearts of water sports enthusiasts become reality with rafting tours, and you will step into a place decorated with unforgettable memories. Among the wonderful activities offered throughout the tour, there is also an open buffet lunch that will soothe your soul. While you gain strength during this delightful break, you can concentrate even more on the excitement of rafting, which turns into an adventure. While swimming in the embracing waters of the rivers, you witness the mysteries of nature and experience exciting moments. You can spend a joyful day in the embracing arms of nature and step into an adventure full of joyful memories. Get ready, an unforgettable adventure awaits you!

Grab the opportunity to taste the most delicious dishes of the region by making a rafting reservation! An unforgettable menu awaits you in the heart of nature by the river!

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