What to do in Koprulu Canyon?

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Koprulu Canyon Antalya

Antalya's historical Koprulu Canyon has an ancient past that experienced its brightest period during the Roman period. This canyon, known for its proximity to the Ancient City of Selge, has given life to the local people thanks to the Koprucay River. Kopru Stream water has allowed the formation of thousands of plant species and hosted wildlife. The question frequently asked by enthusiasts today is "What to do in Koprulu Canyon?". The answer to the question comes to the fore with rafting sports tourism. Visitors who do not want to raft can take small nature walks to discover the rich historical and natural beauties of the region and, of course, see the famous Koprulu Canyon stone bridges.

Koprulu Canyon is one of the important tourist spots of Antalya with its natural beauties and historical texture. The canyon, which has a deep-rooted history dating back to the Roman period, offers visitors a unique experience. Thanks to the efficient irrigation opportunities of the Koprucay River, the region hosts a vibrant and colorful ecosystem. In addition to these natural beauties, one of the most popular activities offered by Koprulu Canyon is rafting. You can experience exciting moments and enjoy nature in the canyon, which is a great destination for rafting enthusiasts. Additionally, visitors can explore historical ruins, take scenic walks and spend an unforgettable day with unique views. Koprulu Canyon is a must-visit place for nature and history lovers.

In addition to rafting in the clear waters of Koprulu Canyon, you can go hiking, camping and visit historical ruins in the region. If you are interested in outdoor sports, cycling on the pathways around the canyon can also be a great option. For an unforgettable nature getaway, Koprulu Canyon should definitely be on your list! We are waiting for you on the most beautiful adventure tours of Antalya. Make a reservation and pay later!

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