Koprulu Canyon Activities

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What can you do in Koprulu Canyon?

Koprulu Canyon has become a world famous place. You have the opportunity to take part in various activities while visiting Koprulu Canyon. Visitors who want to stay in the region can relax in the peaceful atmosphere of nature with special bungalow-style accommodation options. They can also take the opportunity to visit the Roman-era theater in the ancient city of Selge. The famous Koprulu Canyon offers the opportunity to walk along the historical bridges and discover the canyon, which takes its name from the bridges and is famous for its natural beauty. You can also visit the newly discovered Tazı Canyon in the region and go on short trekking walks. You can have an enjoyable experience by hanging from a 250-meter rope, participating in zipline tours, or you can take an unforgettable journey through the cool waters of the canyon by joining canyoning tours. However, if you are visiting the area, we would definitely recommend rafting. With the rafting experience, you can have an exciting adventure in the enthusiastic waters of the canyon and experience adrenaline-filled moments while exploring the unique beauties of nature. We encourage you to take part in various activities in Koprulu Canyon to create unforgettable memories.

What to do in Koprulu Canyon?

  • Koprulu Canyon is a destination famous for its natural beauty and hosts various activities.
  • Special bungalow style accommodation options are offered for visitors who want to stay in the region.
  • You can visit the ancient city of Selge and see the theater from the Roman period.
  • You can discover the unique beauties of Koprulu Canyon by walking over historical bridges.
  • You can go on short trekking walks by visiting the newly discovered Tazı Canyon.
  • You can have a fun experience by joining zipline tours and hanging on a 250 meter line.
  • You can go on an unforgettable adventure in the cool waters of the canyon by participating in canyoning tours.
  • Rafting is definitely recommended for those who visit Koprulu Canyon.
  • With the rafting experience, you can have exciting moments in the enthusiastic waters of the canyon and accumulate unforgettable memories while exploring the beauties of nature.

You can create unforgettable memories by rafting among the magnificent natural beauties of Koprulu Canyon, accompanied by the enthusiastic sound of the water. If you want to experience this exciting experience, you can contact us. We are waiting for you to join this adventurous journey!

While rafting, you will experience not only the beauty of nature but also adrenaline-filled moments. It will be an unforgettable experience to cool off in the waters of Koprulu Canyon and raft on the flowing river accompanied by impressive views. You can embark on this adventure safely with professional guides and enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of nature. You can join the rafting enthusiasts and experience adrenaline-filled moments with an enjoyable activity. Don't miss this exciting experience, contact us immediately and step into an unforgettable rafting adventure!

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