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Best Tours and Activities in Belek Region


Belek, known as the pearl of Antalya, is one of Turkey's leading destinations for tourism, renowned for its unique natural beauties, long sandy beaches, and luxury holiday resorts. Belek is part of Antalya's Serik district and is located along the clear waters of the Mediterranean. This region, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, also stands out with its rich historical texture and archaeological sites.

Belek is a rare vacation paradise where history and nature enthusiasts can enjoy together. One of the most important historical sites in the region is the ancient city of Pisidia Antioch, which has been an important city since the Hellenistic period and offers an open-air museum experience to its visitors even today. Moreover, the Aspendos Ancient Theatre, known for its excellent acoustics and well-preserved structure, hosts numerous events today and is among the places that must be seen.

In terms of tourism, Belek has differentiated itself by giving special importance to golf. Golf courses of international fame host thousands of golf enthusiasts every year. Furthermore, Belek's luxury hotels, spa and health centers, and endless entertainment opportunities offer guests an unforgettable vacation experience. In addition to sea, sand, and sun, Belek meets all kinds of vacation expectations with nature sports such as jeep safari, rafting, and trekking. With its natural beauties, historical riches, and quality services, Belek continues to be a favorite destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Activities to Do in the Belek Region;

Belek, Antalya, is famous for its natural beauties, luxury holiday resorts, and various activities. Let's list the best activities to do in this region:

  1. Playing Golf: Belek has become a worldwide center, especially for golf enthusiasts. Many golf courses of international standards offer opportunities for golfers of all levels.
  2. Visiting the Aspendos Ancient Theatre: A short drive from Belek, Aspendos hosts one of the best-preserved ancient theaters in the world. This theater also hosts various concerts and festivals during the summer months.
  3. Sunbathing and Swimming at Kadriye and Belek Beaches: Belek is famous for its fine sandy and long beaches. Kadriye and Belek beaches stand out with their clear waters and natural beauties surrounded by pine trees.
  4. Visiting The Land of Legends Theme Park: An ideal place for children and adults who want to relive their childhood, The Land of Legends offers fun water parks, roller coasters, and shows.
  5. Taking Nature Walks at Manavgat Waterfall and Köprülü Canyon National Park: For nature enthusiasts, Manavgat Waterfall and Köprülü Canyon are among the must-see places with their impressive views and natural beauties.
  6. Shopping at Belek Market: Belek Market, where you can find everything from local handicrafts to jewelry and clothes, is a nice stop for shopping.
  7. Exploring Nearby Villages and Ancient Cities: Around Belek, there are many ancient cities and villages rich in historical and cultural aspects. Places like Perge, Side, and Olympos are ideal for day trips.
  8. Enjoying Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine: In Belek and the surrounding restaurants, you can taste fresh seafood, traditional Turkish dishes, and the finest examples of Mediterranean cuisine.
    These activities offer a variety of options that will make your holiday in Belek unforgettable.

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