Belek Atv Quad safari

Belek Atv Quad Safari Tours;

ATV Quad safari vehicles are a type of off-road vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine that has a powerful engine structure and can move in almost all weather conditions. We can say that ATV Quad is a machine with tremendous driving pleasure, excellent traction power and features that you cannot find in any other vehicle. You can perform Atv quad safari activity on many tracks in Antalya. But the taste of the activity in the famous Köprülü Canyon trails, which has the most beautiful and natural trails, is different. Are ATV quad safari vehicles safe? Due to its strong structure, it is very safe as long as it is used where necessary and properly. We can say that it is safer than the vehicle you drive in traffic. Because with ATV quad safari bikes, you do not pass through traffic full of vehicles. You can drive on your own dusty and dirt road by following the guide vehicle in front of you. You do not need a driver's license to use ATV quad safari vehicles, but there is an age restriction. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot use these vehicles alone. ATV quad safari vehicles have a capacity of 2 persons. Participants who want to participate in the activity from the Belek region can call us at least 1 day in advance to find out the transfer pick-up time and point. As we said at the beginning, ATV quad safari tours are very fun. If you do it in combination with the rafting tour in the afternoon, your adventure will double. Open buffet lunch is included free of charge in this double combination package. Do not decide before checking the prices and weekly updated campaign packages of our ATV Quad safari tours departing from Belek region! Participants who want to come to our ATV quad safari tours with their personal vehicles from the Belek hotels area can make a reservation by asking us about the location and meeting time 1 day in advance. Call for CONTACT and RESERVATION.

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