Belek Rafting difficulty level

Belek Rafting Tour

Degree of Difficulty and Class;

Located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, the Beş konak Koprulu Canyon, which is a favourite tourism paradise, is home to rafting enthusiasts with its unspoilt nature. The longest track of the rafting tour on Kopru Cay, which takes its name from the famous historical bridges, is 15 km in total. Although some companies say that we have a 14 km track, unfortunately they do not make a full track because most of them have restaurants in the middle parts. With us, you can do a full rafting course. Kopru Cay difficulty level is categorised as + 3-4 over 10. Over 4, it is evaluated as 1 and 2. This means that it appeals to almost every age group without health problems. Although the flow rate of the water varies from place to place in the winter season, the water temperature is at 10 degrees in summer and winter. If you do not have a health problem, you should definitely join a rafting tour and reach the peak of fun all day long. Antalya Adventures family has organised activities for you, just call to participate.

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