Belek & Koprulu Canyon Rafting

Belek Koprulu canyon rafting tour

Koprulu Canyon National Park;

Koprulu Canyon is located in Antalya province. The roads to the legendary canyon, which is 90 km from the centre of Antalya, are completely asphalt and have some sharp bends. For this reason, you should make sure that your vehicle does not have a high speed level when travelling to the region. There are 2 historical bridges in Koprulu Canyon. The small bridge, called the Bugrum bridge, is built with interlocking stones and has taken its place among the artefacts of the ancient Roman period. The other large bridge, which connects Karabuk and Beskonak villages today, is also built with interlocking stones. The difference between them is that the big one is higher and built on a naturally formed canyon.

Historical bridges known to belong to the Roman period connected the trade routes of Pamphylia and the ancient city of Selge. Nowadays, it decorates the photo frames of local and foreign tourists. Koprulu Canyon is the starting point of rafting tours and rafting track. The track starts very close to the big bridge. Every rafting participant has the opportunity to see the big bridge. The small bridge (Oluk Bridge) is about 300 metres from the big bridge. During the tour, breaks are given at the Oluk Bridge and participants can take pictures under the naturally formed waterfalls. Koprulu Canyon is one of the places that attracts the most local and foreign tourists in Antalya province. In fact, during the summer season, the number of daily visitors reaches an average of 6 thousand. If you want to visit the Koprulu Canyon region, you can participate in activities with our transfer vehicles every day of the week. We have activities in the Koprulu Canyon area every day of the week. Give your loved ones a different adventure tour at the most affordable and best prices. You can make a reservation by CALLING us at least 1 or 2 days in advance and get detailed information about transfer point and time.

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