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Manavgat is located in the east of the Pamphylia Region, which means a multi-ethnic and noble place. As Antalya Adventures, we will try to provide information about Manavgat in the Pamphylia Region, which has hosted many important civilizations from ancient times to the present day. We passed through other regions briefly. Antalya, which has a very wide area to visit, does not end with being promoted and visited. But as Antalya Adventures, we will give more attention and importance to Manavgat Koprulu Canyon and its surroundings.

An exact date is not given regarding the founding date of the district. It can be said that it was established in the 6th century BC, parallel to the ancient cities of Selge (Altınkaya Village) and Side (Selimiye Village) within its borders. It came under the rule of the Seljuk Empire in 1220 and the Ottoman Empire in 1472. Manavgat is widely known locally and internationally for its scenic beaches where all the blessings of nature are evident, its fine sandy sea and its famous waterfall. Manavgat district was established on opposite sides of the Manavgat River, and although it started to develop with the influence of tourism in the 1960s, it has attracted more attention with the development of tourism in Turkey since 1990. It has become a district preferred by people from all over the world not only for holidays but also for settling down and living. Parallel to the growth of the tourism sector, the district center has developed rapidly and large and new residential areas have been built. Most of the people working in this sector reside in Manavgat. Tourism places to visit and see in Manavgat are very extensive and require time. For brief information, you can take a look at our article below. Although Manavgat Waterfall with its roaring waters is one of the places you should visit, Koprulu Canyon, a Natural National Park located on a large area that attracts admiration and interest all over the world, is the most popular place in Manavgat.

The Manavgat River, which divides the Manavgat Plain into two, not only brings efficiency and richness to the Manavgat Delta, but also provides economic contributions to river yacht tourism, such as trips on the river with yachts. In this fertile plain, a wide variety of products such as vegetables, fruits, sesame, grains and flowers are grown in greenhouses in all seasons. Manavgat River is important for fishing and is a freshwater river rich in trout, crayfish and carp.

Many restaurants and cafes located on the banks of the Manavgat River allow you to taste the delicious fish grown in the icy waters of the Manavgat River. The Big Waterfall and the Small Waterfall on the Manavgat River, which many local and foreign tourists know, show interest in and want to see, are among the places that can be visited with interest due to their natural wonder structure that you should see.

In parallel with the development of the tourism sector, it is a cute district that looks like a developing and growing big city, rather than being a small district. Manavgat will give you unforgettable moments and beauties with its entertainment centers, artificial waterfalls and restaurants on the riverside that divides Manavgat into two.

The Ancient City of Seleukeia, surrounded by walls on one side, and Cleopatra Beach, where the Egyptian queen Cleopatra swam, sunbathed and sunbathed in the middle of its monumental gate, constitute a historical area worth seeing.

In addition Great City Gate, City Walls, Great Monumental Fountain, East Gate, Historic Houses Cumbali, Kolonnel Street, Agora, Monumental Library, Piskopos Palace, State Agora, Basalika, Fountain with Three Pools, Vepasianus Fountain, Temple of Athena, Temple of Apollo, Roman Theatre, Temple of Men, Temple of Bacchus, Great Port Baths, which have preserved and survived despite all the adverse conditions from the Byzantine and Roman periods to the present day. These historical places will amaze you greatly. We should not forget Side either.

Another natural wonder that we recommend you to visit in our Manavgat district is Oymapınar Lake and dam. We have no doubt that you will be amazed by Oymapınar Lake, which has a wide variety of activities. You can also add Bosphorus Beach and the Lion Cave to our nature discovery route, which you cannot finish by visiting.

There are many shopping malls that will meet all your needs in the towns and tourist settlements close to our Manavgat district such as Side, Colaklı, Gundogdu, Kumkoy, Evrenseki, Ilıca, Kızılagac and Titreyengol, offering you, our guests, a wide range of shopping opportunities.

It is 57 km away from our Alanya district, which hosts unique natural beauties that attract attention in the world and contribute greatly to our economy in terms of tourism.

Beautiful authentic products, souvenirs, jewelry, silver, boutiques, precious stones, rugs, carpets and the unique riches of Turkish Cuisine are offered in the stores in the local small shopping center located in the narrow streets of the world-famous Ancient Side of our Manavgat district. In addition to River Yacht Tourism, we also welcome you to our world-famous tours in Natural Tourism activities, Rafting, Trekking, Zipline and Canyoning. You can find more information by visiting the Antalya Tour & Trips page.

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