Manavgat Rafting Activity


Koprulu Canyon National Park, located in Manavgatrafting tours district of Antalya, the tourism pearl of Turkey, contains natural areas that both local and foreign tourists should explore. Raftingo introduces both magnificent nature and roaring rivers to its guests who will take a rafting tour.

The National Park, which is among the natural wonders of the world, is 65 kilometers away from Side. The region, which includes valleys and canyons, covers an area of approximately 37 thousand hectares. The Kopru Cay River (Koprulu Canyon) route, which starts from Isparta, ends by flowing into the cool waters of the Mediterranean in Antalya.

You can find the opportunity to do rafting in the National Park, as well as canoeing. Köprülü Canyon National Park; It also provides the opportunity to camp among the unique beauties of nature. It is a mysterious natural wonder with its red pine, hawthorn, laurel, blackthorn, myrtle, oleander, heather, labdanum, blackberry and rosary trees. The fauna of the forest region is completed by pigs, bears, deer, mountain goats, martens, foxes, wolves, pigeons, partridges, woodcocks, turtle doves, eagles and rabbits.

We believe that the most exciting trip of your Antalya holiday will probably be the Koprulu Canyon National Park trip. There are restaurants to meet all your food needs in Koprulu Canyon National Park, where you will have peaceful, fun and adventurous times. You can include sightseeing places such as Yivli Minare, Alara Kalesi, Sinek Kalesi, Selge Ancient City, Altınbesik Dudeni and Aspendos Ancient City in your Antalya holiday program by using the Tour & Trips website and Tour & Trips guide.


Manavgat Waterfall is 3 km from the district.It is located in the north and has the same name as the district Manavgat. The height of the waterfall and its strong flow over a wide area create a unique view worth seeing. There are areas where you can have a picnic in a natural environment next to the waterfall. You can also eat fresh fish in the restaurants around the waterfall.

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