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Who Does Rafting At What Ages?

You do not need to have special skills or take a special course for days to do Rafting in Antalya's Beskonak Koprulu Canyon region. You can safely join our tour to Koprüçay, which is a natural wonder with its clean, clear water and abundant sparkling waterfalls, with guides who are experts in their fields, know the region well and are trained in first aid and sports activities.

As an Antalya Adventures team, about half an hour of information (information) before the start of the rafting tour, you will be informed of all the questions and thoughts you have about what you should do, what you should not do during the tour and how to use the equipment you have.

Koprucay, one of the most important tourist centers in our country, has become the busiest region for daily tours in Turkey with its historical and unique natural beauties. This region, which has recently been most preferred by locals and especially foreigners, is a region where everyone aged 7 years and above can take part in Rafting tours. The age for rafting in the koprulu canyon is 7 years and older in the absence of health problems.

It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to raft or enter the water without informing our guides. You can read and see the reasons in the participation form we will give you. Antalya Adventures always thinks of you, our dear guests.So, no matter what event you would like to attend, if you have any health concerns that you need to be aware of, please be sure to let us know. Situations related to your health that you do not see as a problem can negatively affect you and the people who do the activity with you during the activity. Remember that a rafting tour is a group activity. Keep in mind that although the rafting level of the region is suitable for children, it may not be suitable for you. CALL us every day of the week to join our safe rafting tours and make a reservation.

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