What you need for rafting

Rafting tours Antalya

Before Joining the Rafting Tour

Dear rafting and adventure enthusiasts, If you have decided to join the rafting tour but cannot decide what to take with you, here is the recommended equipment list for the Koprulu Canyon rafting tour:

Materials You Should Have With You:

  • Since it is a wet tour, bring a towel to dry off.
  • Spare clothes after the tour
  • If you use glasses, glasses string (can be provided by the company)
  • Water resistant camera
  • Cash for tips and other expenses
  • You must wear comfortable and quick-drying clothes (shorts, swimsuits, bikinis, etc.) throughout the tour.
  • Sports shoes that are not slippery and can enter water (option to rent or purchase by the company).
  • High factor sun cream

Materials You Should Not Keep With You:

  • Large amounts of cash or coins.
  • Precious jewelery and gold items
  • Non-waterproof mobile phones and digital voice recorders (can be deposited in the safe).
  • Food, beverages and alcohol (food needs can be met by the facility)

Note: It is recommended that you choose comfortable clothes in hot weather; Especially in the summer season in Antalya, there is high humidity and temperature. By preparing a small bag, men can bring shorts and a t-shirt, and women can bring a swimsuit, bikini or burkini. It is possible to change clothes in the cabins in the rafting area. If you plan to visit during the winter months, comfortable clothing should be preferred. During the winter, you can protect yourself against cold water and air by renting protective neoprene clothing.

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