What to Wear While Rafting?

What to wear for rafting? Relax,

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this is not a fashion competition! Increase or decrease your gear depending on the time of year, water temperature and weather conditions of your trip. Before you buy your stuff, take advice from someone who has been on this tour before. Even if you fall and get wet, we still recommend wearing clothing that will protect you from the water temperature rather than the air temperature. You will be protected from the cold thanks to the neoplem clothes we have given you optionally. You can also bring clothes made of synthetic polar, polypropylene, capylene or wool material. Don't wear cotton because if it gets wet you will feel even colder.

An old pair of tennis shoes, running shoes, or even Converse high-tops are best on the river. Cool clothes are good in cold weather :) They do not provide as much protection as sandals and swimming becomes easier. We recommend sunglasses, especially prescription glasses, and croton oil. You can get a hat rope to connect your hat to the life jacket. In warm weather and hot water, shorts and a T-shirt will be good. However, do not worry too much about this as the water will always be cold no matter how hot the weather is in Koprulu canyon. Use sunscreen, but don't put it on your forehead or the backs of your legs. It can drip into your eyes or you can sink the whole boat. What would you think if someone spilled sunscreen on your car? Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the little tricks we mentioned above. We invite you to adventure in the clear waters of Koprulu Canyon for enjoyable and beautiful rafting tours. Get information for detailes and reservation.

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