What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is one of the nature sportscanyoning and is an activity performed in the waterbeds where water flows in canyons, usually located in mountainous regions. This sport requires different skills such as swimming, climbing, jumping and walking. Canyoning is an ideal option for people who like to be in touch with nature and seek adventure. A canyon route can often have varying levels of difficulty from the beginning of the canyon to the end. During this activity, exciting experiences such as entering the water, climbing between rocks, and jumping from waterfalls can often be experienced. Safety equipment and proper training are essential when canyoning, so it is recommended to do it with experienced guides.

Canyoning allows you to develop a closer relationship with nature while improving both physical and mental skills. For those who want to discover the beauties of nature, explore the mysterious world of canyons and feel the adrenaline, canyoning can be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

How to Do Canyoning?

Canyoning is an exciting activity that is one of the nature sports and is usually done in river beds, waterfalls, canyons and mountainous terrains. While canyoning, you are challenged both physically and mentally as you explore yourself in nature. Here are some steps you should pay attention to when canyoning:

  1. Equipment Preparation: Proper equipment for canyoning includes: climbing rope, helmet, life jacket, canyoning shoes, climbing belts and safety equipment.
  2. Determining the Route: You should be careful when choosing your canyoning route. You should choose the route that suits your experience and skills, starting from the beginner level.
  3. Safety Rules: You must follow the safety rules while canyoning. You should take precautions such as going in a group, appointing a leader, going with a trained guide, and checking the weather forecast.

Canyoning can be a great experience for those who love being in touch with nature and love adventure. However, you should always prioritize your safety and respect nature.

Canyoning Tour at Antalya Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon, known as the Rafting region of Antalya, hosts not only Rafting but also different sports activities. One of these activities is Canyoning. Canyoning is a sporting activity to explore and cross canyons. During this activity, various skills such as swimming, climbing, and hanging on rocks are generally needed.

There are some points to pay attention to while canyoning. First of all, a good equipment selection should be made. Equipment such as helmets, life jackets and climbing ropes are indispensable for Canyoning activity. In addition, it is important for safety to be accompanied by professional guides while doing this sport. Using the right technique and knowing your own limits is also one of the factors you should pay attention to when Canyoning.

We have prepared a guide where you can find answers to frequently asked questions about canyoning. In this guide, we have discussed in detail topics such as what Canyoning is, how it is done, and what equipment is needed. If you would like to join the Canyoning trips organized in Beskonak Koprulu Canyon in Antalya, you can contact us. Get ready to explore the breathtaking beauties of nature with rafting and canyoning tours in Antalya!

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