Streets in Antalya

Antalya street

Antalya City Center and Streets;

Antalya is a city located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and is famous for its magnificent natural beauty. Antalya Center is known as the heart of the city and offers many tourist activities to visitors. The historic Kaleici district in the center has a charming atmosphere with its narrow streets and restored Ottoman houses. Historical buildings such as Antalya Clock Tower and Hadrian's Gate are also worth seeing.

Ataturk Street, one of the most famous streets in Antalya, is a center of attraction full of shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. At the end of the street, there is a magnificent beach where you can walk while enjoying the sea view. Another popular street is Ismet Pasha Street. This street attracts shoppers with its boutique shops, antique shops and handicraft shops.

Antalya's touristic streets and center offer visitors an unforgettable experience, combining both historical and modern textures. With its unique landscapes, delicious food and vibrant atmosphere, Antalya is a destination that attracts every visitor.

The most famous streets in the center of Antalya are the following:

1. Ataturk Avenue:

o Antalya Clock Tower

o Kaleici

o Karaalioglu Park

o Yivli Minaret

o Antalya Museum

2. İsmet Pasha Avenue:

o Antalya State Theater

o Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

o Antalya Governorship

o Yavuz Ozcan Park

3. Kazım Ozalp Avenue:

o Ataturk Park

o Antalya Marina

o Hidirlik Tower

o Antalya Archaeology Museum

You can explore the historical and modern texture of Antalya by traveling on foot or by car along these streets. Each of them is home to different historical and cultural sites, so it can be a pleasant sightseeing route for visitors of Antalya.