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Celebrate the end of the busiest and best school year on the river with all your friends. A nature rafting activity in Antalya Koprulu Canyon is a great way to bond with your classmates forever. This student-friendly rafting trip is a fun full-day rafting trip with sparkling little rapids, spectacular views and lots of laughs. It is an ideal outdoor activity for schools looking for an adventurous end-of-year or beginning-of-the-year activity. We have an excellent offer for our students with a triple adventure package (Rafting, Canyon, Zipline)! Choose which package is suitable for your school and discuss it with us as a group if you have any questions.

  • Canyoning (12 years and over)
  • Rafting (10+ years and over)
  • Zipline (10+ years and over)

The most popular Klas rafting trip;

Our skilled team of professional river guides will teach you the skills needed to fight the big waves and catch the air while floating down the Koprulu Canyon River. Your skills will be tested while passing through the famous sections of rapids. Depending on the water levels, you can swim in some of the smaller rapids and enjoy the smiles of your classmates in the boat.

Along with Turkey's most exciting rapids, the river will take you to its most inspiring wilderness on a journey of approximately 14 km. Take your time to appreciate your surroundings, enjoy the world-class scenery that includes forests, stunning waterfalls.

We have special tours for all young groups from primary school, secondary school, high school and university. Experience the most special tour of the year with safe track options for all age groups. All the necessary equipment will be provided by our company to make your journey enjoyable, relaxing and most importantly, trouble-free. Please log in to the CONTACT section to get detailed information about packages and campaigns specific to groups.

Note: It is important to get information about water flow and weather conditions before joining the tour. Get detailed information from our tour operator in advance. Age limitation may vary depending on weather conditions and water flow.

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