Side Rafting Tour Program

Side Rafting Tour Program

Side Rafting Tour Programme;

Side rafting tour program is an excellent option for those looking for a thrilling adventure intertwined with nature. This tour is carried out in Koprulu Canyon National Park, one of the unique beauties of Antalya, and promises unforgettable moments to the participants. Here is detailed information about the Side rafting tour program:

1. Gathering and Departure: Usually the tour starts early in the morning. Participants are picked up from the designated points in and around Side . After all participants are collected, they set off towards the rafting area.

2. Equipment Distribution and Training: When the arrival point is reached, the necessary rafting equipment (helmet, life vest, paddle) is distributed to each participant. Then, a short training is given by professional instructors about basic rafting techniques and safety precautions. This training is important to ensure that participants are safe throughout the tour.

3. Rafting Adventure: After the training, participants board the rafting boats and the adventure begins. In the cool waters of Koprulu Canyon, there is a rafting experience that will last about 2-3 hours. In this process, participants both discover the beauties of nature and experience the excitement of paddling against the current. The rafting track is suitable for both beginners and experienced adventurers.

4. Food Break and Free Time: In the middle or at the end of the rafting tour, participants are given a meal break. Meals, usually served as a buffet or set menu, consist of local delicacies. After the meal break, participants can explore the surroundings, take photos or have a short swimming break in their free time.

5. Return After a day full of adventure, participants are collected again and travelled back to the starting point. When the drop-off points in and around Side are reached, the tour ends.

Side rafting tour programme offers the opportunity to spend a great day for nature lovers and adrenaline enthusiasts. This tour gives the participants the opportunity to rejuvenate both physically and mentally, while providing the opportunity to accumulate unforgettable memories accompanied by unique landscapes.

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