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Antalya Scuba Diving Tour


As it is known, the history of diving sport dates back to ancient times. Considering that our world is covered with water, this curiosity in people should not be underestimated. Diving sport - Scuba Diving is divided into two as free and scuba diving. This sport, which can be done by professionals and amateurs, is a very nice activity to discover the world under the sea.

What is Scuba Diving?

Diving - Scuba Diving is a swimming activity performed in deep and shallow waters with the help of special equipment, tube or regulator, depending on the purpose of diving. Diving can be done not only with a tube but also without a tube. This type of diving is called free diving as the name suggests.

Scuba Diving;

Scuba diving style is a dive that can be performed with unique materials. It keeps the diver under water for a long time and gives the oxygen the body needs. Thanks to the advancing technology, you can stay under water for longer periods of time. In order to be able to scuba dive, it is important to have technical and necessary training.

Free Diving Style;

Free diving is the situation in which the diver descends to different depths by holding his breath underwater without any help and comes out freely to the surface of the water. It is known that anyone with good breathing power can dive up to 170 metres.

How to Dive?

Technical knowledge is important for free diving and scuba diving. For example, as you go deeper in free diving, it is vital to know information such as breath control, location and position information, and proportional use of the remaining breath. Free diving is usually done in shallow waters. Even calculating the current is important. In addition, there are free dives with rope. Here, athletes can perform this dive with or without using flippers. They can perform unlimited free diving by using weight in free diving, they can also do cube, apnea diving.

Materials Used on Clothing for Diving?

In order to dive, it is important to do it with quality and unworn materials. The most important of the diving materials is the neoprem clothing that wraps and protects the body. It is produced in special sizes for men and women. Glasses that fully wrap the face, watches, flippers, shorts, swimsuits can be used.

Diving Equipment;

  • Diving regulator
  • Diving Tube
  • Diving Motor
  • Diving Weight
  • Diving Pallet
  • Snorkelling

When is Scuba Diving & Diving Season?

Diving Sport can be done in almost every season. Thanks to the clothes used, it can be done even in winter. However, diving is more preferred when the weather is hot. Due to the long summer days in the south of our country, diving activities are more intense in our southern seas.

Diving Places in Turkey;

  • Kemer
  • Kas
  • Kalkan
  • Antalya Centre Bays
  • Bodrum
  • Marmaris
  • Mugla
  • Fethiye
  • Akkaya
  • Izmir
  • Aydin
  • Didim
  • Kusadasi
  • Oludeniz
  • Gokce Ada
  • Ayvalik
  • Canakkale

Famous Diving Countries in the World;

  • Caspian Sea
  • Egypt
  • Red Sea
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Arabian Gulf
  • America
  • Puket
  • Thailand

If you want to take part in a diving tour in Antalya, you can make a reservation.

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