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Rafting is considered a competitive sport, a challenging and risky activity in which an inflated raft moves through river currents and requires teamwork. Rafting, which is very popular around the world, is carried out on natural rivers.

There are generally two different types of rafting:

  • Sprint: It is a competition format in which riders try to complete the determined route individually or as a team as quickly as possible.
  • Slalom: In this type of competition, the course consists of swing-like turns and riders try to perform these turns successfully.

All rafting competitions are usually organized as team races with 2 to 8 riders participating. Its aim is to complete the designated course in the fastest time, regardless of race or gender. The International Rafting Federation is the highest level organization responsible for the management of this sport and the organization of competitions.

The World Rafting Championships are one of the most prestigious events for rafting, and include competitions among both men and women for different age groups in the open category.

Some terms related to rafting:

  • White water: Turbulent or foamy water that resembles surf or rap.
  • Rapids: A section of a river where the flow is very fast due to a steep drop-off or rocks on the river bottom.
  • Put put: Rafts are placed on the river to begin rafting.
  • Take out: The point where the rafts are taken out after rafting.
  • Eddies: Small indentations of water.
  • Body surfing: Drifting down a fast-flowing river wearing only a life jacket.
  • Wet suits: Protective clothing used for water sports.
  • Paddle rafting: A type of rafting guided by a guide sitting in the middle with a metal frame on a paddle raft.
  • Pallet rafting: A type of rafting in which participants actively steer with paddles.
  • Punter: Inexperienced rafting participant.

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