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The Most Exciting Tour Rafting;

Rafting is one of the most exciting sports for entertainment enthusiasts. It is a sport that usually needs to be guided by experienced guides as you drift over waterfalls with inflatable boats and canoes. Rafting is particularly popular in Antalya Koprulu Canyon. Muscle strength is needed as a group to row and balance the boat. Synchronized rafting is quite safe. Listen to your guide and go with the flow.

Did you know?

  • Rafting is a mixture of river-floating inactivity and intense periods of paddling and steering. Thus, you can burn a lot of calories without knowing it. Rafting is a great way to have a lot of fun while doing it. Did you know that a 145-pound person burns approximately 329 calories in 1 hour in Antalya rafting?
  • Rafting is an activity that you can start from the age of five. It can be done by almost anyone who swims safely on their own in white water. Beginners should not start rafting on an extremely turbulent river! It is necessary to start in calmer waters and work well to conquer stormier rapids. Did you know that if you offer your children the opportunity to raft safely, they will see that their self-confidence will change positively over the years?
  • By definition, white water rafting takes place on turbulent rivers. The rafting season usually starts in late April and lasts until heavy rains begin. The best water generally occurs in the first few weeks of the season or when there is heavy rainfall.
  • Since the most important element for rafting is the river, some people's geographical location prevents them from participating in this activity.If you live near the beach and want to do some traveling, try your luck and book a boat adventure. Rafting is less common in the middle of the country.
  • Another alternative to river rafting is to find closed white water in rafting facilities. These parks often house a very large indoor tank that can create artificial waves and rapids. Unfortunately, such facilities are few and far between and you have to purchase quite expensive services. Well, did you know that you should participate in a rafting adventure where you can truly enjoy nature?
  • It is almost impossible to find a waterfall opening area where you do not need a guide to accompany your boat. The most common way to travel downriver is as part of a rafting guided tour. In these tours, there are many boats supervised by various rafting guides.
  • White water guides must know the river and route you are traveling very well and will guide you in the best way possible. Guides are also trained to handle all kinds of emergencies, from medical problems to malfunctioning equipment. Guides are usually locals to the area; This allows them to point out local oddities or flora and fauna you may encounter. Did you know that it's never a good idea to try rafting on your own?

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