Special for Rafting Groups

Special for Rafting Groups;

We have been organizing rafting tours in Antalya since 1995. We organized special package tours for student groups from many cities and universities of our country. In the new season, we aim to introduce you to rafting sports at different and attractive prices, just like every year, thinking about you, our students. We make announcements from time to time on our website and @raftingo.macera Facebook page. Let's talk a little bit about how the system works for our guests coming from other cities;

For example, you are planning to come from Konya Selçuk University! First of all, you need to inform us at least 1 day in advance (for groups that want accommodation, at least 4 weeks in advance, due to room availability), how many people you will come, which tours you will participate in, whether you want a daily tour or a tour with accommodation. If you request transfer vehicles from us, you must notify us at least 1 week before the date you plan to arrive. You can make a reservation by filling out the reservation form on our website and get detailed information from our contact numbers. Our company is open in all seasons of the year. We also provide the opportunity to join a free tour to anyone who brings a group of 15 or more people.

We undoubtedly offer the best adventure activities in Antalya. We continue our leadership in the best nature activities in 2024. Call for price and reservation information, including round-trip transportation and lunch from Antalya and many regions.

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