rafting tour program

Rafting Tour Program;

Below is the minute by minute tour program schedule in the Koprulu Canyon area;

  • 08:30 Transfer vehicles departure time (varies depending on the region where the guest will be picked up)
  • 10:30 Meeting at our restaurant
  • 10:45 Information about rafting (info)
  • 11:00 Preparation, putting on rafting clothes
  • 11:20 Boarding the vehicles and moving to the rafting start point
  • 11:40 Rafting starts
  • 11:50 Rafting excitement
  • 13:00 Break by the river, group game, jumping into the water from a tree or rock
  • 14:00 Buffet lunch time at the restaurant
  • 15:30 End point
  • 15:45 Getting dressed
  • 16:00 Return with vehicles

NOTE: Guests arriving with their own vehicles must be at the Antalya Adventures meeting point at 11:00 at the latest. You can call us from the contact section for the meeting point map, time and detailed information.

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