Rafting Kemer

Kemer rafting tour

Rafting İn Kemer;

Rafting is exciting for adrenaline and extreme lovers in the Antalya region. Rafting is done in a few provinces in Turkey, but the pleasure of rafting among the historical textures in Köprülü Canyon is undoubtedly even more wonderful. This water sports adventure, which is very popular among adrenaline lovers, gives them the chance to explore nature's untouched green forests. The activity, which can be easily done by almost any age group, helps create a stronger bond than ever between you and your loved ones. It is very fun to row as a team in the cold and cool waters of Koprulu canyon, to move forward on the water by singing songs or marches, and to engage in water fights with other rival boats. Of course, when rafting is mentioned, people think of struggling with strong currents in deep waters! But the tracks in Koprulu Canyon are not as challenging and dangerous as you think. It is an activity that almost every age group can easily do, especially in the summer months. There are different activities that you can combine with a rafting tour in Koprulu Canyon. One of the most preferred combination packages is rafting, Zipline, Canyoning - 3 in one tours. Apart from these activities, Rafting, Jeep safari, ATV Quad safari, Buggy safari, Tazi Canyon, Selge ancient city trips, newly discovered Adam Kayalar region are among the other activities you can do in Koprulu Canyon. As Antalya Adventures, we carry out all the activities we have stated on our website. Adventure lovers from all over the world come to experience the excitement of rafting, especially in white and sparkling waters. You can experience the excitement of daily rafting on the longest rafting track in the region by booking the Koprulu Canyon rafting tour, which can be easily done by almost any age group without health problems. For more information and reservations, please visit our CONTACT section.

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