Rafting Equipment


Inflatable Rafting Boats;

The quality of inflatable rafting boatsrafting changes over the years. In the past, boats were made of materials that were bad enough to fall apart, but technological developments have improved a lot. Today, many inflatable rafting boats are used to enjoy a fun-filled adventure in the Koprulu Canyon. The boats are made of high quality materials to use for many years.


A lifejacket is the primary protection option that you must have. Life jackets come in different shapes and sizes and can be categorised accordingly. It is important to choose a vest that is most suitable and makes you feel comfortable. When you choose a lifejacket, a proper fit is essential. When the jacket fits perfectly and is properly zipped, it keeps the upper body parts afloat. An improperly sized jacket will create unnecessary problems.


Helmets are designed to provide complete safety and prevent head injuries. There are imported quality rafting helmets that meet acceptable international standards. The most important thing to consider when choosing a helmet is that it fits perfectly.

Carbon Paddles;

The paddles are designed to make silky smooth strokes on the water and give a slight feeling of vitality. If the paddles are refined enough and full-sized, they can double your rafting pleasure.


If the water and weather are very cold, a wetsuit must be worn. This clothing is usually made of neoprene to provide thermal insulation. Gas bubbles within the diving suit also provide buoyancy.


This garment is worn by sports enthusiasts to prevent passive thermal protection while the body is in water. This protects the body against cold water except the head and hands. A dry suit differs from a wet suit according to its purpose.

Rescue Throw Bags;

Rescue throw bags are a vital piece of river rafting equipment. A rescue bag is filled with a rope inside, protecting a swimmer in distress. The end of the rope is attached to the inside of the bag, while the loose end remains in the rescuer's hand. The bag is thrown to the swimmer to help him reach the flood using his support. These bags are compact in size and take up the least space possible. All necessary equipment is provided by rafting companies.

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