Rafting Duration

Antalya rafting duration

How long does rafting take?

Rafting in Antalya Köprülü Canyon starts at 11:00 in the morning with the arrival of the participants, and starts on the river at 12:00 after purchasing the equipment and providing the necessary information. Depending on the season, it may sometimes start 1 hour earlier, or later. However, in general, the standard start time is 11:00. The tour ends at 15:00 with breaks for swimming and rafting games. Rafting takes 3 hours in total. This period may vary depending on the water flow rate. Since the water flow is more intense in spring and autumn, rafting time may be shorter. The track in Antalya Koprulu Canyon is 14 km and rafting takes 3 hours. Even though it may seem long and tiring, you will see that it is worth it at the end of the day. You can CONTACT us to participate in safe and fun rafting tours and get more detailed information.

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