Rafting Adventure in Antalya

Antalya raftng tour

Rafting Adventure in Antalya;

Rafting in Antalya is a pleasant experience in Koprulu Canyon, located in the heart of nature. Thanks to Antalya rafting tours, you will experience unforgettable moments while struggling with the fast waters of Koprucay. The rafting activity, carried out in groups with inflatable boats, invites you to a 14-kilometer and approximately 3-hour adventure. Rafting tours in Antalya are organized only in the Beskonak Koprulu Canyon region. With package options with and without transportation, you can safely enjoy rafting with your loved ones without straining your budget. You will have a fun experience by overcoming your fears with fully equipped equipment and experienced guides. Call us now to step into an adventurous day's adventure! Rafting tours, which appeal to almost every age group, are a sports activity that must be visited, seen and experienced in Antalya.

Preparation for Rafting Tour:

• You must wear appropriate clothing before participating in rafting tours.

• Don't forget to take protective equipment with you, such as sunscreen and sunglasses.

• Choosing waterproof shoes will make you feel comfortable.

Things to Consider During Rafting:

• Follow your guide's instructions carefully and make sure you feel safe.

• Make your movements controlled to maintain the balance of your boat.

• It is important that you know what to do in an emergency, listen to your guide on this matter.

Fun Activities After Rafting:

• It may be good to rest a little after rafting to relieve your tiredness.

• Don't forget to taste local flavors at the restaurants in the surrounding area.

• You can immortalize this unforgettable experience with photos and videos.

Share Your Rafting Experience:

• Share your rafting adventure with your friends and loved ones and suggest them an exciting activity.

• Share your experiences with other adventure enthusiasts by sharing photos on social media.

• Do not forget to take notes of your unforgettable memories and pleasant anecdotes that you will remember in the future.

Our rafting tours in Antalya are held in the Koprulu Canyon region. Are you ready to enjoy the excitement and pleasure of this unique view?

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