Manavgat Koprulu Canyon Rafting trip

Manavgat Koprulu Canyon Rafting trip

Rafting in Manavgat Köprülü Canyon

If you want to experience adrenaline at its peak, your first stop should be Koprucay, located in Koprulu Canyon National Park in Manavgat district! Koprucay, one of Turkey's most eye-catching and clean rafting rivers, offers a family-friendly adventure that everyone can participate in, as it does not have a high difficulty level. No special skills or experience needed; You don't even need to know how to swim! It is enough just to follow the guide's instructions and use the equipment provided. Manavgat rafting tours offer a 14-kilometer adventure starting from the Koprulu Canyon bridge. Some companies may set their own routes, but completing 14 kilometers will definitely be more enjoyable and fun. Transportation to Manavgat rafting point is generally approximately 40 kilometers, you can call us to get information about transportation details and campaigns regarding Manavgat rafting tour and add some color to your life! Antalya rafting tours is the leader in nature sports as Turkey's reliable adventure travel site.

Is it suitable for children?

Manavgat rafting tours offer suitable options for children, and children aged 4 and above can participate safely. You can safely participate in Manavgat Koprulu Canyon rafting tours with your family, accompanied by experienced guides of Antalya Adventures. In addition to being an exciting adventure, rafting also offers the opportunity to be in touch with nature and have fun. These tours are specially designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of children. If you want to have an unforgettable experience with your family, Manavgat rafting tours may be just for you.


For those who want to participate in Manavgat Koprulu Canyon tours, it is important to make a reservation with Antalya Adventures. Due to the busy season, it is recommended to make a reservation approximately 1 day before the tour date. In this way, your place is guaranteed and you can easily plan your tour. You can visit Antalya Adventures contact and reservation page for quick and easy reservations. You can easily make your tour reservation by filling in the necessary information here. Remember, making your reservation early will give you an advantage in order to enjoy the natural wonder Manavgat Koprulu Canyon.

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