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If you have participated in the Canyoning Tour, you will discover two historic bridges, one of the most unique architectural structures you can see in this region. The small bridge was built by the true master, while the Arched Bridge was built by his apprentice. Koprulu Canyon takes its name from these two bridges. In the summer months, Antalya Koprulu Canyon attracts the attention of local tourists as well as foreign tourists. The canyon, which can reach between 5 and 6 thousand visitors a day, can sometimes host 10 thousand visitors with intensity. By rafting and canyoning, you will have the opportunity to drink sweat clean river water from the source. At the same time, the natural beauty of the environment has become a pleasant haunt for local guests with picnic areas within the borders of the national park. The canyon, which offers the opportunity to have a picnic as well as rafting with the family, has a great importance in terms of tourism and makes a serious contribution to the national income of our country.

Koprulu Canyon starts from the town of Kasimlar in the southeast of Isparta. The source water of the river consists of the combination of the river coming from Isparta's Aksu district and the water coming from Karaca Hisar village. The canyon, which consists of steep and narrow valleys for 25 km up to Degirmen Ozu village, makes walking difficult during periods when the water level rises. During the summer months, it is possible to cross on foot due to the heat and the decreasing water level. After Degirmen Ozu village, the river starts to flow in a wide and open area and then enters the narrow valleys again. This narrow area continues until the Antique Bridge. In this section, there are steep and craggy valleys with difficult passages and natural beauties. Koprulu Canyon National Park covering 36,614 hectares around the river, was established in 1973.

Canyoning tours are among the activities that offer exciting and unforgettable experiences for nature lovers. If you are one of those who seek adventure in nature, canyoning tours may be just for you. These tours are usually led by professional guides and participants are provided with the necessary equipment and safety instructions.

There are a few important points to consider when booking a canyoning tour. It is important to review the content, duration, difficulty level and equipment provided in detail before booking.

Finally, you should make sure that you are physically ready before participating in canyoning tours. Such activities can often be physically demanding, so it is important to carefully examine the participation requirements and health conditions. Considering all these details, you can start an unforgettable adventure in touch with nature by booking your canyoning tour. CALL now for quick booking!

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