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Antalya Jeep safari tour


When it comes to Jeep safari in Antalya, the place that comes to mind is the famous Koprulu Canyon, which hosts the newest and different tracks. You will have the opportunity to watch the canyons from above by passing the unique historical and natural formations at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. You can also double the excitement you experience by combining Jeep safari and rafting tour. Wouldn't you like to experience the privilege of 2 tours in 1 day with the best price packages?

Antalya Köprülü Canyon Jeep Safari Tour Program;

• For those who want to come by transportation, the pick-up time is determined by us depending on their location. Except for special service requests, standard pick-up time will be between 08:00 and 10:00 in the morning. Guests who will arrive with their own vehicles must obtain meeting point time and location information from us. Our guests who will combine rafting and Jeep safari tour should also get the same information.

• Our experienced captains give an informative speech to our guests arriving at our meeting point before they get into the vehicles to start the tour.

• You get into the 4x4 vehicles and the Jeep safari adventure begins, which will last 2 to 3 hours depending on the track options, accompanied by the lead vehicle.

• Naturally formed paths, streams and rugged terrains in the Köprülü Canyon region are crossed one by one.

• Canyons with abundant oxygen and famous visuality can be seen at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.

• Rest breaks are given from time to time depending on the track and weather conditions.

• If our guests who have completed the Jeep Safari course have a combined rafting tour in their package options, they will be given equipment and a 14 km rafting adventure with a lot of swimming will begin, accompanied by a guide. The rafting tour takes approximately 3 hours.

• At the end of the rafting tour, it is time for lunch. While eating a lunch carefully prepared according to local tastes, you will have the opportunity to watch videos and visuals of the activities carried out throughout the day.

• All these activities take an average of 6 hours, excluding transportation time. When the activities end, our guests are taken to the transportation vehicles and dropped off to the place they were picked up.

Note: To participate in the Jeep safari tour, you must inform us at least 1 day in advance through the contact form or brief information such as the number of people who will participate, whether you will come by transportation or your own vehicle. Due to the busy summer season, we recommend you make an early reservation.

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