How to Zipline

Zipline Antalya Activities

What is Zipline?

Zipline is an activity usually performed in places such as natural parks or adventure parks. In this activity, participants move along the rope, often sliding quickly and enthusiastically from one end to the other. Zipline is usually performed by descending from high heights and offers participants a daring experience.

The Zipline activity, which is popular among nature lovers and adventurous people, is usually performed with participants equipped with safety equipment and accompanied by professional guides. This activity is a perfect option for those looking for excitement while enjoying the view.

How to Zipline?

Zipline is an outstanding activity for adventure and excitement seekers and is usually performed in the lap of nature. When stepping into the zipline experience, it is of great importance to first identify the safety equipment correctly. This valuable equipment includes helmet, seat belt and gloves. Afterwards, you need to arrive at the point where the zipline route begins and place the rope securely.

The excitement of zipline is usually experienced on a rope line that starts from the top of a mountain and extends to a different location. You can quickly glide down and down along this magical rope. It is vital to maintain balance while ziplining and follow the instructions carefully. You can also witness the magnificence of nature and experience an exciting adventure during the zipline activity. While sharing this unique experience, it is essential to strictly adhere to safety principles and follow the lead of expert guides.

Zipline in Antalya Koprulu Canyon;

Koprulu Canyon is an area located on a stream in the Beskonak region and attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists.We recommend you to try the Zipline activity, which is among the package tours we offer as Antalya Adventures. To get more information, please fill out the form in the contact section or write to our WhatsApp line.

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