How Many People Can Rafting Be Done With?

Rafting is known as an activityHow to do Rafting performed in groups. However, professional rafters can also raft individually with special single and double canoes. Inflatable boats are used depending on the difficulty levels of the special natural trails and the characteristics of the stream. Especially in river rafting, wood or breakable hard materials (boots, skis) are not used. Since there is a possibility of hitting rocks and hard obstacles, safe inflatable boats are preferred. Rafting in Koprulu Canyon, namely Kopru Cay, is done in groups. Boats with a capacity of 6-10 people are preferred, with a guide on each boat. It will be fun and also very wet. You will have water fights with almost all the boats throughout the tour. You will also have plenty of swimming opportunities during the breaks. We told you you'd get wet! If you haven't already gotten wet during a rafting tour, it means you haven't done rafting. You and your family can safely buy a rafting tour from Turkey's most beautiful rafting trip website and have fun safely! You can make a quick reservation by calling us on our contact numbers!

How to do Rafting?

You will not have any difficulties while rafting in Koprulu Canyon as the difficulty level is lower than other fast-flowing streams. You will feel like an expert thanks to the information given to you before the tour. The simplest thing you need to do is to get the equipment given to you completely and appropriately. You will have a safe journey by listening to your guide and following what he says throughout the tour. With its appropriate flow rate, Kopru Cay is suitable for almost everyone who does not have health problems during the summer months. For children, being aged 10+ is sufficient. There is no specific age limit for adults. If you do not have any health problems and are skilled enough to row, you can participate in rafting with peace of mind! CALL us to join the Antalya Koprulu Canyon Rafting tour and get more detailed information! Antalya Tour & Trips Adventure Company.

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