Antalya first rafting tour

Those who participated in the rafting tour for the first time;

As every adventure sport has a first, experiencing a rafting tour for the first time can sometimes be scary for the participants. Who wouldn't shudder while watching videos of professional rafters struggling with water, rafting boats capsizing, and the effort and energy expended in raging waters! However, rafting trails are not like what is seen in every video. Almost everyone can participate with peace of mind in the track areas created according to difficulty levels. In fact, there is not even a swimming requirement. Antalya Koprulu Canyon rafting course is the best example of these. There is no swimming requirement on the course, where the difficulty level is set as 1-2. Anyone aged 6 and over without any health problems can participate. The important thing is that it is done by experienced, reliable and qualified people. If you are going to join a rafting tour in Antalya, you will have a safe journey thanks to our 25-year-experienced guide team and our work program.

When Does Rafting Start? What Should You Do?

Our first groups start at 10.00 in the morning and the activity continues almost every hour. Those who want to come with their own vehicle can come to our meeting point by getting location information from us. With the help of a guide, the rules they should and should not do are explained to them. The participants are made ready by providing them with the equipment. Now it's time to go rafting. We arrive at the rafting starting point with our own vehicles, accompanied by a guide, and our 14 km, 3-hour adventure journey begins.

A few small details you need to know for those who participate in a rafting tour for the first time;

  • Do not bring with you any metal accessories that may be considered valuable, such as gold, earrings, and anklets.
  • Keep sunscreen with you in hot weather.
  • Dress as you would if you were going to the sea, choose comfortable and loose clothes (swimsuit, bikini, shorts, etc.).
  • Before rafting, be sure to tell your guide that you do not know how to swim (important when forming groups)
  • Keep calm and enjoy the day!

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