Canyoning & Gorge Hiking

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is one of the nature sportsCanyoning in Antalya and is an activity usually done in canyons located in mountainous areas. This sport includes activities such as crossing natural formations in canyons, descending from heights, overcoming difficult natural conditions and moving through water. Canyoning is a sport that requires both physical endurance and technical skills. During canyoning, equipment such as a helmet, life jacket, climbing equipment, rope and appropriate shoes are generally used. Participants navigate canyons by walking, climbing, swimming or using techniques such as rapelling. This sport offers an exciting and adventurous experience for those who love being in touch with nature. However, it is of great importance not to harm the natural environment and natural habitats while canyoning. For this reason, it is necessary to be environmentally sensitive and protect natural life while passing through canyons.

Gorge hiking;

Gorge walking is one of the types of nature walks and is an activity generally performed in canyons located in mountainous and rocky terrains. This type of walking is an ideal option for those who like to be in touch with nature, explore natural beauties and experience adventurous moments. During the gorge hike, you often wade through water, climb rocky faces, and sometimes pass through small waterfalls.

There are some points to consider when hiking the gorge. First, it is important to use the right equipment. Materials such as non-slip shoes, helmet and gloves can ensure your safety. Additionally, planning the route in advance, checking weather conditions and going with a guide increases safety. Maintaining your balance well while walking, taking care to take firm steps on rocky surfaces, and going in a group are also important safety precautions. While hiking the Gorge, protecting nature and the environment should not be forgotten; you should protect the natural beauties by leaving no trace and collecting your garbage.

Canyoning in Antalya

Koprulu Canyon is one of the most popular canyon routes in Turkey; It fascinates with its natural elegance. Canyoning is a sport that is usually performed on difficult courses between height, water and rocks. This unique sport offers nature lovers an adventure full of excitement and adventure. While canyoning in Koprulu Canyon, you can jump off rocks, climb over waterfalls and dive into giant rock pools. Although this activity is both physically and mentally challenging, there is a distinct pleasure in being in touch with the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Therefore, canyoning in Koprulu Canyon can be an unforgettable experience for both adrenaline lovers and those who want to explore the embracing beauties of nature.

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