Canyoning Season

canyoning sezon

The most suitable season for Koprulu Canyon (Canyoning) Trips;

The most exciting time for canyoning is early summer, when the snow from the high mountains melts, causing the rivers to roar. This means the water is cold; therefore autumn is the most popular time of year when the mountains are warmest. During the spring months, we recommend taking canyon (Canyon) trips in the Koprulu Canyon National Park at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, where the river levels in the first season are safe and the water temperatures are much more pleasant. Here, canyons are represented by sculptural rock formations and green pools. Some of the upper canyons are dry and there are impressive routes to reach the river hidden deep in the narrow canyons. It's almost like caving above ground. Canyoneering is ideal for the months of July, August and September, when rapid waters and lush vegetation make some of our local canyons quite humid and wet. There are water troughs and pools to jump into and you will get very wet while going down the waterfalls :) The meeting point of entertainment is Antalya Tour & Trips Advantures.

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